08 May 2020

Time for the photo album: make your motorhome a star!

Time for the photo album: make your motorhome a star!

It’s not always easy to portray your travelling home looking at its very best.

With your future voyages in mind, let’s take a look together at how to find the perfect angles to bring out the beauty of your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome.

At this moment, although we’re still waiting to be able to set off on new adventures in our treasured Ducato, we can instead focus on bringing out our creative side and capture the beauty of this object of our infatuation! Is your motorhome currently taking an extremely long nap in the garage? Well, now is the time to discover some useful tips for making it look even more irresistible!

How many times have you found yourself shooting a snap that didn't come out at all as you hoped, deflating your hopes? Photography is not always as simple as it seems. However, there are some tricks that can help you portray your Fiat Ducato looking at its very best: here are a few!


It may seem obvious, but your motorhome must be looking wonderful when you press the trigger. So take out our spring cleaning guide and get busy: get your subject to shine! After all... who wants to be photographed looking tired and haggard? So let’s put ourselves in paparazzi mode!

Remember, to make great photographs of your four-wheeled friend, you don’t need expensive cameras: your smartphone will do the job perfectly. Just follow these few simple steps to avoid making the most common mistakes.


Lighting is essential to the success of your shots of your Ducato, and nothing is better than natural light, which perfectly highlights its shapes without creating distracting reflections that risk ruining even the most carefully framed shots.

Once the light has been checked, however, you will have to "pose" your Fiat Ducato base vehicle: try to take its "best side", always checking the lighting and the presence of nearby obstacles that could spoil your image... whether it may be too much shadow on the bodywork or an ugly object somewhere nearby. You don’t want your masterpiece to be ruined by a lamppost, or a wheelbarrow you hadn’t noticed in the background!

In other words, keep an eye on the background!


You're nearly ready for the actual photography, and your motorhome is ready, but from which angle should you do it? There’s no definitive answer that will always be right... it depends on the setting, the lighting and the landscape, but as a general rule you should try taking it from a 3/4 viewpoint. But you should categorically avoid shooting from too close or too far: remember, the proportions are vital!

There may be exceptions to the three-quarters framing rule if we wish to highlight special features like the open awning or the barbecue: “show off the things you value most” is also an excellent rule! In these cases, a wider horizontal frame is allowed and recommended... just don’t exaggerate, or you’ll find your precious Ducato deformed by the photo’s lack of depth.

Smoothing the curves!


Once the photos of the exteriors are done, why not shoot the interior of your Fiat Ducato-based pride as well? For the first step, the same rules apply: cleanliness, smartness and lighting must be your first focuses before shooting.

For the interior, however, we recommend a camera with a fish-eye option: the 180° effect will not only allow you to photograph your motorhome in a "side-to-side" shot, it will also make it more spacious, better illuminated and more stylish.

Further tips on shooting the living area: the best perspective is lengthwise, from one end to the other, to show off its depth. And for tight spaces, like the bathroom? Best shot from above, looking down. Seen from above is the best way to show these spaces, always!


Impeccable photography is not always easy for non-specialists... especially for their first efforts! Give yourself all the time you need when photographing your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome. Take multiple photos of the same shot, try different viewpoints, distances and angles... try everything that might help you find that single, perfect shot to insert in your personal album of memories.

This very short guide on how to make your Ducato look its very best has come to an end. No more excuses! Arm yourself with your smartphone and just go and do it! Who knows?... today could be the ideal day to capture a perfect shot!

Ah! We nearly forgot one last tip, pretty obvious but still not to be forgotten: always make them horizontal shots! Your motorhome or campervan is majestic and imposing... always do it justice by immortalising it in its entirety.

Happy snaps for all!

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