03 APR 2020



With Ducato, taking care of your motorhome is a family affair! Let’s find out how to involve young and old motorhome owners alike in the spring cleaning activities!

In preparation for the long summer road trips you’re dreaming about taking on your Fiat Ducato based motorhome, why not freshen it up a bit?

Just like we do, our motorhome also needs some TLC after the long winter months to get it ready to take you on your next adventure.

So let’s find out how to spruce up our trusty travelling companion for your next adventure with the help of the whole family!


First step, start from the bottom! Arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner, some brushes and a dustpan and get to work immediately!

It won’t take long to clean the floors of your Fiat Ducato, but you must do it carefully each time to avoid leaving leftover food around that could attract pests, just as you do with your food cupboard! But watch out: the floors of your motorhome are not like your floors at home: this is why you need to be careful, and use a gentle cleaning product that won’t ruin the PVC!

And while you’re busy doing the “heavier” jobs why not ask your mini-motorhomers to give you a hand?

If you have a hand-held vacuum cleaner, or even just using the smallest attachment for your standard vacuum cleaner, it’s time to ask them to clean those difficult-to-reach corners. And you never know, they might find a few coins or toys that had been lost under the seats for months!

So let the treasure hunt begin and... finders keepers, of course!


Once you’ve removed all the dust that had gathered while your motorhome was not in use, it’s time to move on to the surfaces!

Furniture, seats and couches, kitchen and sanitaryware: you’ll notice that your Fiat Ducato based motorhome truly contains hordes of details inside, all of which are equally important. But are all the members of your family as familiar with these as you? Let’s find out together!

Kit yourselves out with a microfibre cloth, the right cleaning products and lots of energy, because the game “Who wants to be a motorhome owner?” is about to begin! This is the perfect new way to spruce up your motorhome after the winter months while sharing your passion with your children or grandchildren!

Want a tip for cleaning the fridge? “Grandma’s secret method” works every time! If you don’t have any specific cleaning products near to hand you can also use vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. This will completely remove any bad smells, leaving the inside of your fridge clean and as good as new!


The interior is done, your motorhome is now sparkling and clean, and all in lightning quick time, thanks to the help of all the family! Now what?

Now you must ensure that the hidden parts are also in perfect condition, so it’s time to clean the water tanks and drains!

We can’t invite our little helpers to give us a hand with this activity for safety reasons, so here’s an idea for keeping them busy in the meantime! Before you begin, remove all cushions and mattresses from your motorhome and ask them to clean them with a carpet beater!

Now, where were we? The first thing we need to do is to ensure that the tank is completely empty, using a wet vacuum device. Don’t be surprised if you find sand or alga inside the tank. This is why it must be thoroughly cleaned.

Once emptied, insert a single-use sachet of sanitising liquid inside and leave it to work. Then, to flush it out, simply open the taps and the product will clean the pipes and the other parts out of reach.

Remember that for this procedure to work properly you must start up your Fiat Ducato based motorhome to make the water inside the tank move. This will help to distribute the sanitising agent correctly!


We’ve now come to the last activity, which is also the most entertaining one to perform with all the family: it’s time to wash the bodywork! So hand round the cloths, basins and cleaning products because many hands make light work, especially if the temperature outside lets us play with the youngest members of our cleaning squad!

For your spring cleaning operation it’s fine to use the same cleaning product as the one you use in the kitchen, but, if you can, (just as you do for your floors), it’s a good idea to buy a specific product for frequent use that won’t ruin the surfaces of your Fiat Ducato in the long-term!

Remember that we are getting ready to hit the road as well as spending a pleasant family day outside, so, last but not least, check that everything is back in place. Have the kids remembered to remove the crumb chaser from under the seat? Now’s the time to check!


And now our Fiat Ducato based motorhome is spick and span, looking its best and raring to go, ready to take us wherever we want!

Have you already started planning your next trip? Seaside or mountain? Nature or city? Let your imagination run wild and get ready for your next adventure!