06 May 2020

A life on the road with your motorhome? How to become an expert motorhome addict!

A life on the road with your motorhome? How to become an expert motorhome addict!

Are you ready to become one? Here’s some advice to bear in mind before you turn your dream into reality.

When we are able to start travelling again, and can abandon ourselves on adventurous journeys, we mustn't forget the things that can turn us into perfect motorhome owners. So, even though we can’t hit the road on our next adventure just yet, we can check out together whether we have the true traveller’s spirit and skills!


The typical campervan or motorhome owner loves getting excited about trying out the most unusual, curious and adventurous routes. If this description fits you... get ready to satisfy your appetite! Before long, you should be ready to set off in your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome on your quest for breathtaking adventures! So take note whenever you see something about especially original and memorable routes: as all self-respecting motorhome connoisseurs love to do.

Are you already itching to write your travel diaries together with Ducato?


Another requisite that completes a thirst for adventure is the satisfaction of sharing it with others... with friends and loved ones as travel companions.

One of the great pleasures of motorhome holidays is the possibility of sharing and enriching experiences with those close to you. Each person can have their own special “job” on-board, creating a happy travelling team. So prepare yourself mentally for unforgettable pleasures... remembering that the most wonderful adventures are those shared with others!


Another important pleasure that most campervan and motorhome owners share is the thrill of imagining and planning future journeys in detail... a distinctly useful pleasure, starting from the very first steps! How is that done? By using a famous and much-loved tool: checklists.

Organising precise lists concerning supplies, stages to reach, useful numbers and general travel plans is essential if you wish to avoid problems during your adventures on the road with your Ducato. Once you have organised all the necessary information about your journey, you can save a lot of time and make the most of your holidays.


We’ve just talked about the crucial importance of planning your journeys in detail. But that doesn’t mean obsessively deciding every last minute of your adventure. What kind of experience would a rigid ultra-planned adventure be?
Improvisation can be fun and... astonishing! So if you want to be a really top-quality motorhome owner, you must be prepared to adapt to all kinds of unforeseen last minute changes. You’ll have to deal with changes of plan and changes of pre-established itineraries. New encounters and unwritten stories!

Don't ever sacrifice your willingness to allow yourself to be surprised during journeys in your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome: the best on-the-road adventures are unimaginable!


Motorhome travel is a unique lifestyle experience that also demands a further vital psychological requisite. Can you guess which?
You read the title! Anyway, yes, that’s it: flexibility! The motorhome experience is not about renouncing home comforts, it’s about creating a new equilibrium in an entirely different context: a travelling living space!
If you have a creative spirit and aren’t worried about taking the plunge and trying new and out of the ordinary experiences, then you’re just a step away from becoming a genuine motorhome owner-traveller!

Of course, every journey has many particular ingredients which taken together add up to an ideal holiday, to be shared by you, your companions and your Ducato. So don't rush to nail down every step of your adventure before it happens... be flexible, and you’ll enjoy the magic of each journey to the full.

So... if you have an urge for adventure and for sharing it with your travel companions, if you are good at planning itineraries but also at changing them at the last minute, all you need now is our best wishes: happy travelling and happy camping! ​

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