15 MAY 2020



Ready for a rehearsal? We are!

While waiting for the opportunity to go there, let’s daydream together about exploring Poland and its stunning panoramas, over four thousand lakes and the surprises nature can provide.

Set in the centre of Europe, Poland is a must for any passionate traveller and a much desired destination for owners of Fiat Ducato-based motorhomes. Between breathtaking landscapes, a thousand-year history and numerous bison (yes, bison!), this country never ceases to astonish and amaze.

From the south west, in the region of Silesia, where 12 islands make up the city of Wroclaw, to the north with its lakes, parks and sea, this is a country well capable of capturing our hearts.


Known as the city of 112 bridges, an important Polish cultural and intellectual centre, Wroclaw stands on the banks of the Oder, the river that marks the border with Germany for almost 200km.

The thriving heart of the city is the Rynek market square, and near the Plac Solny square there is a colourful flower market open night and day.

This city will fascinate you with its historical, natural and cultural treasures, and also with its ability to surprise: for example, thanks to its extremely helpful population of gnomes. Here in Wroclaw you will not only encounter over 350 of them, they will tell you where you are. Fire-fighter gnomes, butcher gnomes and even prisoner gnomes: don’t worry, in whatever shape you meet them, they will let you know about your surroundings... look for them on street corners!


Continuing east on the E40, you will find yourself on Europe’s longest road, which stretches for over 8000 km! However, you only need go as far as Krakow, whose historic centre was the first European UNESCO heritage site, and in whose cathedral Poland’s kings were crowned.

Centuries ago this city was the Capital of Poland, and it has continued to play a crucial cultural role. Today it is also the most frequently visited tourist attraction.

The huge main square – Rynek Główny – together with the green ring that surrounds the historic centre, where the internal walls of the city once stood – Planty Park – are part of a unique spectacle embracing historical architecture and contemporary dynamism, with activities of all kinds merging with the past to create a timeless atmosphere.

The impressive Royal Castle of Pieskowa Skaia and the former concentration camp of Auschwitz stand not far from the city... contrasting features of a large suburban area of great historical and cultural interest.


The time has come to continue our dream by imagining ourselves travelling towards the capital, Warsaw!

Here too, you will be greeted by an explosion of history, as you travel on the "Royal Route" (if you wish, you can do so in a traditional carriage!). Here you can discover the great monuments of the past in the old city, but also the new city with its skyscrapers and monuments to innovation: the economic centre of the nation.

Here you’ll find the stimulation of a city that never stops, offering a wide range of activities and entertainments for all ages and budgets, taking visitors on a helter-skelter tourist ride, with breathtaking glimpses of the past set in a sustainable, technological and dynamic present.


To move away from urban life, you’ll need to head north, on a route that shows you all the hidden beauty of Poland: passing through the virgin Białowieża forest, 190km from Warsaw, with its herds of European bison, and then turning towards the west, with its spectacular lake region.

Here you will find Olsztyn, a small city compared to the others, but a perfect strategic point for visiting the whole area stretching up to the North Sea, which lies just over 90 minutes away.

The Olsztyn area contains 15 lakes, the largest of which offers you the opportunity of spending a pleasant few days of relaxation on its beach and on boating trips. Nearby are two protected natural areas, with a total of almost 1500 hectares of magnificent woodlands. A perfect area for a delightful break, parking your motorhome in various well equipped areas, such as the Agro Camping Olsztyn on the shores of Lake Ukiel.

Still hungry for more? Don't worry, for those who want a quick dive back into history, in Olsztyn you can visit the room where Nicolaus Copernicus wrote a large part of his De revolutionibus. Alternatively, you can take the S7 again and pay a visit to the quintessential natural wonder: the sea!

We hope that this itinerary for discovering the wonders of Poland has increased your desire to organise your next Ducato-based adventure there.
But until then, never forget to travel with your imagination: it can always take you wherever you want to go, even in difficult moments like today.