​​Travelling with peace of mind and free from worries means that in all places, on every road, roadside assistance can reach you anywhere, thanks to a dedicated, multilingual call centre.

The roadside assistance service for motorhomes on a Ducato or Talento base is free for the first 2 years from the initial registration date.

In the case of unforeseen events* (breakdown, fault, accident, puncture of one or more tyres, flat battery, etc.), the call centre puts you in touch with Fiat Camper Assistance, the roadside assistance team reserved for motorhome customers, active in 51 countries 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  Also, if necessary, Europ Assistance works as an interpreter and remains in direct contact with the customer until the operation is completed and the motorhome starts off again.

Mobile workshop

​In the event of motorhome at a standstill due to a fault, punctured tyre, flat battery, no/incorrect fuel, provision of a mechanic to repair the vehicle on the spot.


In the event of motorhome at a standstill, towing to the closest authorised service centre.

Courtesy Car

If a motorhome at a standstill needs to be repaired, a courtesy car will be provided.

​​Travel expenses

In the event of vehicle standstill, taxi service to the train station, to a car rental service or to continue your journey.

Return home or onward journey

In the event of motorhome at a standstill more than 25 km from the place of residence.

Hotel expenses

In the event of vehicle standstill more than 25 km from the place of residence, four star hotel accommodation for a maximum of 5 nights.

​​​Repaired vehicle pick-up

In the event of vehicle standstill more than 2 5km from the place of residence, reimbursement of travel expenses to collect the repaired vehicle.

​​Repatriation of the unrepaired vehicle *

In the event of vehicle standstill abroad for more than 5 days, transport from the authorised service centre to the customer's place of residence (or to the service centre if it is in the same town as the customer's place of residence).

Information Service

Based on dealership opening times and workink hours.

Money advance

In the event of breakdown or accident, Fiat Camper Assistance will advance the customer who cannot provide for the payment a sum of up to 500 Euro as a loan without interest. This amount will have to be reimbursed by the Customer within one month from the date of the advance.

​​(*) Consult your Owner's Warranty of the camper which shows method of supply, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the Services.