25 OCT 2019



From streets steeped in the history of Trieste, to the natural beauty of Slovenia... our road trip in a Fiat Ducato is about to begin.
Summer is over, but for us motorhome owners, the zest for adventure is unabated! Are you ready for a new journey? Let’s head for Trieste and then onwards to Slovenia together!



Elegant, rich in history and one of James Joyce’s favourite places, Trieste is a gem of a city that will not fail to amaze you. Once you have parked your Ducato motorhome, you can wander around and discover the splendid Piazza Unità, famous for being the largest sea-front square in Europe. There you can also admire the baroque splendour of the Fontana dei Quattro Continenti (Fountain of the Four Continents).
From the square you can set off for a walk in the historic centre or along the seafront, in the direction of the Faro della Vittoria (Victory Lighthouse), crowned by the 7-metre high statue of Winged Victory. Curiously, the statue was designed with a mechanism to protect it from the strong Bora wind that often blows over Trieste, by making the wings beat to absorb the gusts without being damaged.
Whichever direction you take, don't return to your motorhome without first visiting Miramare Castle, a charming Hapsburg residence and 22-hectare park overlooking the sea.
There’s so much more to see in Trieste: when you are ready to set off again, let's get back on board our Fiat Ducato-based motorhome.
Now fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the next stop!


Heading along the A1 and following the signs for Postojna–Pivka/Reška cesta, we reach Postojna in less than an hour. Although it is only a small town (with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants), we are sure it will make a big impression on you thanks to its Cave Park!
Comprising twenty kilometres of tunnels, stalactites and stalagmites, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: a magical corner of the karst world, hidden between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, which will delight visitors of all ages.
If travelling with your children, they will certainly be astounded by the olm, a unique (prehistoric!) creature that inhabits the caves. Feeding on shrimp, worms, snails and other aquatic invertebrates, it lives its entire life shrouded in darkness and can survive without food for several years.
On the subject of food, how about trying out the local cuisine? One typical dish is Frika, made from potatoes and cheese, although soups are also very popular in Slovenia!
When you are ready, our Ducato motorhome awaits: where is our next stop? The capital!


Don't be fooled: although Ljubljana is a small city, it is teeming with attractions and history and has lots of surprises in store for you!
The old town, which encompasses different architectural styles ranging from the Middle Ages to the Art Nouveau period, showcases only part of its beauty.
From the top of the hill on which the castle stands, you can take in some gorgeous panoramic views that are well worth posting on Instagram!
The riverside bars and cafés, where people meet even when it's cold, crowding the outside terraces armed with blankets, further add to the city’s charm.
At the central market you can savour the local traditions and ambiance: designed by famous architect Jože Plecnik in the 1940s, it comprises the open-air market of Vodnikov trg (Vodnik Square) and the covered market of Pogačarjev trg (Pogačar Square).
Once you have had your fill of dining, shopping and sightseeing in Ljubljana, it’s time to get back on board our Fiat Ducato-based motorhome!


Our itinerary ends with a stop in Novo Mesto, which we can reach via the A2/E70 motorway on board our Fiat motorhome.
As soon as you arrive, you will find that the city has a rich, internationally renowned archaeological heritage, with lots of historic gems to discover.
For example, while driving along the riverfront, don’t be surprised if you suddenly see castles rising out of the woodland: on a small island in the middle of the Krka River lies Otočec Castle, the only water castle in Slovenia!
But there is another famous feature of this city that you may have heard of. The surrounding hills are home to the distinctive Cviček wine, the pride of the Dolenjska wine-growing district, whose fame extends even beyond the borders of this rugged and beautiful land.
So let's raise a toast to this trip, in anticipation of the next adventure in our Fiat Ducato-based motorhome!


The speed limits in Slovenia are:
50 km/h for urban roads, sometimes reduced to 30 km/h in areas with high pedestrian traffic
90 km/h for main extra-urban roads (‘B roads’);
110 km/h for highways;
130 km/h for motorways.


Parking and Camping Sites

Here are some places to stop in between each leg of our itinerary:
- Trieste - Mamàca Park rest area (Via del Pane Bianco, 16 - Località Servola - Trieste): parking costs 18 euros for the first day and 13 euros for each additional day. This parking area has toilets, electricity and bus/shuttle services. It is open all year and pets are welcome.
Contact: mobile +39 335 8032580 - www.mamacadreams.it

- Postojna Cave Park (Postojnska Jama) located 250m from the entrance to Postojna Cave Park,between the main road to Predjama Castle and Pivka River, this rest area has 20 spaces for motorhomes with water connections and 5 electricity hook ups (16A), an entrance barrier and paid toilets
Contact: +386 57000 100 - info@postojnska-jama.eu

- Camping Ljubljana Resort - (Dunajska cesta 270 1000 Ljubljana) 177 spaces reserved for motorhomes, access to electricity and running water, toilets, showers, handbasin, sinks for washing dishes, wash tubs, Internet access, pet-friendly.
Contact: +386 (0)1 589 01 40 - info@gpl.si