04 Nov 2019

Newlyweds on tour: the advantages of honeymooning in a motorhome

Newlyweds on tour: the advantages of honeymooning in a motorhome

As you know, planning trips can be very stressful, especially if the trip you are planning happens to be your honeymoon! Organising a holiday with your spouse-to-be can seem like an added burden when you already have lots of other preparations ahead of your big wedding day Bookings, flights, hotels... and so much stress!

But if you love an adventure, aren't afraid of the unexpected and want a more flexible itinerary, get ready to climb on board your motorhome. Honeymooning in a camper van is currently a popular holiday trend and offers you an enchanting mix of fun, romance and relaxation: that's why you and your new spouse should hit the road in a Fiat Ducato-based motorhome!


Boarding passes, long queues and rushing around the airport. Not to mention connecting flights and the dreaded prospect of jet lag. Classic honeymoon destinations can include several stopovers and endless flights. Whereas, if you travel by motorhome, you will be free to plan your next outing instead of having to dash to the check-in desk.
Have you weighed your suitcase correctly?
When travelling in your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome, you will be free from worrying about luggage weight limits. Don’t be afraid to pack all your favourite clothes and that pair of shoes you just can’t bear to be separated from... there’s room for everything!


Forget the hectic and endless planning for a moment: you are free to let yourself be captivated by landscapes and moments of inspiration. Whether it’s an impromptu dip in that wonderful lake you discovered by chance, or long hikes through forests and hidden valleys... anything goes!

You can decide even at the very last minute what you and your partner’s next adventure will be.


The keyword is freedom: if you’re tired of hopping from one hotel to another and sticking to the times imposed by the hotel management, spend your honeymoon in a motorhome and you will enjoy the journey so much more . You also will save time otherwise wasted on booking forms and bureaucracy, leaving you free to focus on a single objective: spending as much time as possible in the open air without too many worries!


Who said that honeymoons are only for newlyweds? If you’re thinking of bringing all your family members along to share the experience, go for it!

A motorhome tour will be ideal if you have pets, which many airlines refuse to transport.


After putting some of your budget aside for motorway tolls, petrol and food, you will be able to save money without giving up on anything! You can use the rest of your budget for the activities you decide to do on your honeymoon: sports equipment hire, boat tours, excursions and other surprises that crop up during your journey.

So pack your bags and get ready for nights under the stars, breathtaking views and lots of unexpected places that will make your honeymoon in a Ducato unforgettable!

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