11 OCT 2019



What is the best way to travel? Slowly, so that you can dedicate all your time and attention to enjoying every view and destination to the fullest!

Travelling slowly allows us to take the necessary time to appreciate the beauty of nature, villages suspended in time and every detail that passes in front of the window.

Slow travel is gaining in popularity, as demonstrated by the resurgence in walking holidays along path networks such as the famous Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James).

In Italy, 2019 is also the year of slow tourism. It is a totally different way to travel compared with the most conventional approach. When organising an ordinary holiday, we often regard getting to our destination as the most tedious and stressful part of the itinerary. However, with slow tourism it is quite the opposite: the journey itself is part of the fun, rather than a source of stress. It becomes an opportunity to immerse oneself in authentic experiences that are off the beaten track!

Let's celebrate slow tourism together, by discovering some of the reasons for travelling "slowly". So get everyone on board your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome and prepare to rediscover Italy’s hidden treasures... at a leisurely pace!


As the name suggests, choosing "slow travel" allows us to discover unique places untainted by tourism, without having to stick to a tight schedule.

In your motorhome you can travel to some of the most charming Italian villages, before continuing on foot along paths immersed in nature. And if you are feeling sporty, don't forget to bring your mountain bike along in your Ducato motorhome. That way you can continue your adventure on the many cycle paths that criss-cross the Italian peninsular.

Or, if you’d like to try an alternative mode of transport, one that allows you to rediscover an authentic experience while surrounded by nature, then take advantage of one of mankind’s oldest forms of travel: on horseback! For ultimate relaxation during your next holiday, schedule a slow horse ride through the countryside... what are you waiting for? 


Slow travel also means being able to discover every facet of your destination and explore the surrounding areas in all their beauty. Unlike "fast" travel, you will feel like true explorers rather than just passing travellers.

And not only that... making time to explore will be so much more enriching, in every sense!

If you take the fastest route from A to B, it is almost impossible to explore the local area and find out all its secrets. Whereas, travelling slowly gives you the chance to come into contact with the lives of local people and the time to lose yourself in the beauty surrounding you.

Exploring slowly means taking time to bond with the new friends you meet along the way and to really feel close to the communities you encounter!

But there are even more surprising benefits of slow travel... so get back in your Ducato motorhome and fasten your seatbelt!


Slow travel is exciting and good for both your health and your surrounding environment!

If you have decided to gamble on a slow itinerary, get ready to be enchanted by stunning landscapes and breathtaking views. But these are not the only advantages of slow travel.

By leaving the main roads behind and following paths that lead you into pristine nature, you will be making the best use of your time and looking after your body and the environment, while also supporting a much more sustainable type of tourism.

What’s more, you will also be helping the places you visit, such as half-forgotten villages harbouring cultural heritage that is often undervalued.

Everyone makes their own path: whether you want to cycle along bubbling brooks, hike along mountain trails or go horse riding, be sure to enjoy your adventure in your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome.

Happy (slow) travels!​​​