10 OCT 2019



Ducato is "Best Motorhome Base of the Year" for the 12th consecutive time and has been chosen by more than 500,000 families throughout Europe. Are you one of them?

In Europe, the vast majority of motorhomes are built over a Fiat Ducato mechanical base, ready to become the perfect solution for every motorhome owner... including you!

The range is extensive and includes six different chassis lengths with various weights (up to the new 4.4-tonne versions), four engines and over 600 versions.

Whether you are looking for a base for a camper van, overcab, low-profile or A-class motorhome, you can trust in Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles and its close partnership with the main European manufacturers.

This synergy has made it possible to achieve the perfect match between chassis and living pod and to provide numerous factory preconfigurations that facilitate conversion, as well as a specific electrical system and a cab preconfigured for conversion, with the rear wall removed, reinforced pillars and a pre-cut roof. All of this guarantees you the highest quality, whichever setup you choose.

Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles produces the Ducato in three main different chassis types:

1.  Van

2.  Chassis cowl

3.  Chassis cab

No matter which version you choose, the motorhome you dream of driving away on your road trips is created from these bases.

The CAMPER VAN model is built on a Fiat Ducato van base. It will give you maximum living space, thanks to the best-in-class ratio between the vehicle’s total length and its rear area.

The COACHBUILT (or Low Profile) model is mounted on a chassis cab, which also forms the base for every OVERCAB motorhome.

The A-CLASS motorhome, in which the living pod is integrated with the driver's cab to form a single body, is built over a chassis cowl. 

There are many versions, but the style and personality are unmistakable, and to a Ducato owner they are instantly recognisable.

This is because besides their outstanding design and versatility, they offer an excellent driving experience, safety, easy handling and manoeuvrability. 

And now, with four new E6d-TEMP engines from 120 to 180 hp and the all-new automatic transmission, Ducato is more than ever the ideal base for any motorhome.

Have you already decided which one is right for you?

If so, make yourself comfortable: you’re on board a Fiat Ducato-based motorhome. Leave the thinking to us while you enjoy the journey!​​