27 JAN 2021



Which would you prefer, an adventurous journey devoted to adventure, or a few days of relaxation in front of a good book and a stunning view?

Every campervan or motorhome owner has their own preferences, but one thing unites them all: the desire to be free to travel according to their own style!

When we choose which Fiat Ducato-based recreational vehicle we want to accompany us on our free-wheeling adventures, many different features are available… how can we identify the ones that will best suit our needs? Let's find that out together in this short guide!

Our ideal model and its engine

The first thing to do, when we decide to venture into the adventurous world of camping vehicles for the first time, is to understand what we need.
A campervan, for example, is the right solution if you are a young couple and you want the freedom of a holiday journey dedicated to adventure and sport. These compact models enable you to take everything you need with you, even if in a smaller space than a traditionally sized motorhome. They also allow a different driving style, thanks to their small dimensions.

A larger vehicle, such as a motorhome or a semi-integral or integral camping model, will allow us a more spacious interior, enriched by all the required comforts, but with more weight and therefore a more sedate driving style, as if travelling on a serene cruise.
Once we have decided which is the best solution for us, we can begin thinking about which engine to choose.
Fiat Ducato-based motorhomes are available with 120 hp MULTIJET2 displacement, suitable for compact models, or with 140, 160 or 180 hp displacements, which are used for larger models and are equipped with a 9-speed automatic gearbox, offering a smoothly pleasant driving experience.

Technology and comfort or the simplicity of a timeless vehicle?

The comfort of a motorhome does not depend solely on the budget available at the time of purchase: much also depends on the details that will personalise the on-board experience.
Cutting-edge technological safety choices can be extremely important, such as Full Brake Control, which helps to avoid collisions, or the Lane Departure Warning System, which detects possible lane drifting and warns the driver, even in poor visibility conditions. Technology can also play a role in style options. Opting for safety is clearly an advisable choice, but other choices, on comfort and pleasure, are entirely up to you.
An example? Infotainment: if we wish to spend a lot of time on board our Fiat Ducato-based motorhome being gratified by the latest technologies, the Uconnect-nav radio system will serve us with its autonomous navigation system, and the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) version will provide us with a luxurious range of radio stations.

Style must have its say

In this brief guide to the characteristics to be born in mind when choosing our next four-wheeled friend, we should leave the last word to the pleasures of style!
Fiat Ducato-based motorhomes and campervans undoubtedly always stand out, and each component is designed to be both functional and beautiful, allowing you to express your aesthetic tastes through the styles you choose.
The compactness of the front creates extra space in the cab, both maneuverability and driving comfort are superb, the headlights are positioned high up in order to provide a wider light beam and reduce the risk of headlight damage in the long term... style and practicality are yours to savour!
In other words, the intelligent design of Fiat Ducato-based recreational vehicles also contributes to their practicality, for instance by providing easy access to internal components (such as the engine) without detracting from a visual impact that fills you with pride.

You will discover details that you may not have thought of before but which will certainly improve your on-board experience, offering you access to all the freedom that only a holiday in a Fiat Ducato-based motorhome or campervan can bring you. Have a good trip aboard your four-wheeled companion!​