25 Jan 2021

Why are motorhomes so often white? Why is the bathroom always at the back and the door on the passenger side?

Why are motorhomes so often white? Why is the bathroom always at the back and the door on the passenger side?

Our beloved Fiat Ducato-based motorhome belongs to us, is unique and inimitable and is our faithful travelling companion... that’s something we’d never deny! However, certain aspects are present in different kinds of campervans and motorhomes of all shapes and sizes. Let’s have a look together at what makes a motorhome into a motorhome!

The colour? Mostly white!

Have you never asked yourself why nearly all our four-wheeled friends are white? Why not blue, red or whatever colour we want, same as for our cars?
The answer, as so often happens, is more obvious than we think! Recreational vehicles in general are designed to play the role of a home during our moments of leisure. This means that on board we will find a kitchen, a bathroom, beds and everything we need to enjoy our holiday... but what is it that always follows us, especially during the summer?
Yes, white is selected precisely to prevent the passenger compartment from overheating excessively, especially during stops. Because white reflects sunlight, and so its properties help to prevent the accumulation of excessive heat, guaranteeing an environment that is always fresh... as much as possible, let's say!

Motorhome bathrooms with things in common

Another feature which nearly all campervans have in common is inside the passenger compartment, and more precisely at the far end of our faithful motoring companion.

Obviously, every home has its own particular bathroom, but when it comes to mobile homes, it’s a different story! There are many things in common between our travelling bathroom and that of other motorhome-loving friends we meet on our summer holidays. And why?
Partly it’s a question of space: it would obviously be inefficient to place the toilet in the middle of the passenger compartment, for example. But another reason, that doesn’t occur to everyone, is a matter of balance. If the bathroom was placed in the centre, we would feel less the unbalancing effect of corners or sudden turns which could be potentially dangerous if we were using the toilet. A little trick, in a way, but everything is important when it comes to safety!

Access? From the passenger side!

Here’s another feature which nearly all campervans in the world have in common: the entrance is always on the passenger side.

It’s not easy to go too specifically into considering the two previous points, but in this case we can give simple examples that will help us to better understand our four-wheeled Fiat Ducato-based friend.

As soon as you read the title above, you probably began to wonder if you’d ever encountered a motorhome with the entrance on the driver’s side... without much success presumably. There are two reasons behind this choice.

From a safety point of view, having the passenger side door allows us to get on and off our vehicle on the protected side of the road: imagine a parking area on the highway, or a very busy street in the city centre... and anyway, getting into our motorhome on a Fiat Ducato base is not always a rapid operation! This is one reason why the position of the entrance door must be studied very carefully in order to allow everyone to enter or enter comfortably but above all safely.

A further reason has a more technical nature: all the cables, pipes and various components that run along the side of our four-wheeled friend are found on the driver's side, making it impossible to open an entrance there.

We hope that this short and simple guide to the things that all Fiat Ducato-based motorhomes have in common has been useful for you, offering something new that may make you fall in love even more with your inseparable Fiat Ducato-based motorhome.

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