26 MAR 2021



Travelling is always a unique emotion, marked by unrepeatable moments and unforgettable experiences that will accompany us throughout our life. The kind of journey we choose mustn’t be casual: it must fit with a whole series of very personal tastes and needs!

So let's see what suits us best: the home comforts of a voyage aboard a two-floored mobile home? Or Vanlife, the campervan lifestyle that in recent years has trended rapidly among younger travellers.

A journey called Freedom

Before we consider the benefits of a Camper Van compared to an Overcab, we must start from the thing that both these vehicles offer us: the freedom to go wherever you want, in total autonomy.
Indeed, the community of those who love their Fiat Ducato-based vehicles all swear that no voyage, not even the most luxurious, can ever take away their thirst for adventure, their desire to decide their own futures, kilometre by kilometre, on the road.
So, whether you decide to travel on board an overcab vehicle or a Van, the key word will always remain the same: Freedom!

The ‘two-floored’ Overcab: between comfort and adventure

Although certainly more bulky and less agile than its smaller "cousin", having a real home on four wheels at one’s disposal certainly has major advantages! You’ll have no lack of comfortable spaces available, a kitchen on which to try your hand at the new recipes you discover in your travels, services that can be used at any time, as well as sufficient space to travel with all kinds of useful objects during your next adventure.
But the most important thing about an overcab motorhome is definitely the passengers! Thanks to its generous dimensions, there will be no problem about setting off on your adventures with the whole family.

The Van: between agility and personalisation

If your dream is to feel free, discovering still unexplored lands, whether they are cities or dirt roads not commonly travelled by crowds, probably your best choice will be a Campervan.
Here too, there is more than one option: although smaller than its larger cousins, Campervans come in different dimensions, depending on your needs.
Certainly, thanks to their smaller size, the Van-type vehicles are also much more manageable to drive, with a minimum turning circle that facilitates any type of manoeuvre... offering a drivability which makes them handle more like ordinary cars.
A less spacious solution, in other words, but one that will satisfy every need from the moment of purchase to your first of many trips together.

For both solutions, Fiat Ducato offers camper bases from 8 to 17 m3 volumes, with 3 lateral wheel-distances, 4 lengths and 3 different heights: a truly 100% personalisable vehicle!
But remember: whether considering engines, including those from 120 to 180 horsepower with automatic transmission up to 9 gears, or on-board comfort and leisure thanks to latest generation Infotainment, or the assisted driving services which every year make Fiat Ducato-based vehicles a guarantee of safety and reliability... the choice of your perfect camper is up to you!

Find out more about Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles solutions: Overcabs or Camper Vans? The choice is entirely yours... and with Fiat Ducato-based vehicles you will always have a dedicated assistance team available, attentive to your needs and ready to assist you at every moment of your journey.