28 FEB 2019



Ready, steady…

The real journey, as we know, begins long before the engine starts. This is even truer if we wish to bring our beloved pet or pets along with us on our adventures! Every new passenger demands certain new arrangements, which will contribute to making everyone’s holiday (repeat, everyone’s) both serene and light-hearted. Where should we start from?

If this is the very first time that our pet comes on a motorhome trip, we could opt for a short holiday: it will be the first of a long series of adventures together, so why not start by taking smaller steps? The important thing is to make our friend get used to their new environment, making it welcoming and resembling their familiar setting. So let's start by bringing their bed, pillow or shelter into the living pod: as though recreating a part of our home in our campervan!

In order not to forget anything, it might be useful to draw up a small checklist. Just to ensure that you bring everything necessary: our pet’s favourite games, their blanket, toilet bags, leash and litter tray. While we’re at it, we can also add a camera to the checklist, to capture all our holiday’s best moments!

But who should we turn to if our furry friend should need care on holiday?

To be prepared for such a case, it will be useful to bring with you a list of the veterinary centres in the regions you will visit and, especially if you are planning to cross borders, remember to take note of the phone numbers of easily accessible centres wherever you’re going. Our checklist is almost ready…

The next step? To travel we will not only need our own ID documents, but also those of our pets. Registration with the canine or feline registry is vital, since it certifies the presence of microchips and the ownership of the animal. Its health card is also indispensable and, in case of travel to other nations, you must absolutely bring their passport and rabies vaccination certificate. This detail is frequently considered unimportant, but travelling with all these documents ready will help us reach our destination without any unpleasant setbacks.

To be really prepared, we mustn’t forget to bring a first aid kit with patches, disinfectant, sterile gauze, physiological solution and tweezers at the ready!

During the trip

Packing was fun, but now we’re finally ready to set off. What’s different about travelling in the company of your furry friends?

Spending many hours in a motorhome can be pleasant for those who are used to long journeys, but animals have their own needs, for their own space and... to stretch their legs!

So remember to plan for more frequent stops and lots and lots of water to drink. And also to provide them with some grooming every day: after so many hours in the open air, our pets will be happy to be cuddled, cleaned and controlled!

Driving style is also important: avoid sudden braking or acceleration. A tranquil driving style is safer and also more pleasant for the entire family. There’s no hurry: always do your best to make all your passengers happy!

And if you want to travel outside the EU?

Further precautions should be taken if your destination is a country not belonging to the European Union: in this case you should contact the relative embassy or your local health authority, which will be able to provide more information on preventive measures and any additional documentation needed.