08 MAR 2019



Holiday weekends and Easter holidays on the horizon? What could be better than a getaway from the city in a Ducato Campervan? If you have already experienced the euphoria of an on the road adventure with your family, you’ll know already: you never run out of things to do, and pleasure is guaranteed for all ages.

There’s another advantage: travelling in a Fiat Ducato Motorhome is also a great way for growing up together!

Have you ever thought about that? The youngest members of the family will enjoy the adventure of acting as part of a crew: there are so many jobs to be done, responsibilities to take on, things that even the youngest can do.

Involve them in little everyday jobs, in planning routes as well as humbler contributions... that way they can play at being captain, even if they’re not sitting on the Fiat Ducato Captain’s Chair!

This will help them approach the continual changes and long distances with a positive spirit. On this subject, if this is the first time that you try a family motorhome holiday, we recommend not choosing a super-long journey: a weekend might be a good way to get children used to journeys and prepare for longer ones.

But campervan holidays will also be a fine lesson in teaching children to choose to take only essential and important things with them: Fiat Motorhomes avoid wasting space, so teaching young children to travel light and to be selective is a good idea in more ways than one.

Allow some space for their games and their favourite objects, for paper, coloured pencils and everything that will keep them busy and happy, especially on gloomy or rainy days. Bad weather will never prevent young children from enjoying themselves, but still... be prepared!

Another useful piece of advice: when travelling with kids, don't entirely break with their habits and timekeeping. Try to stick to their food and sleep routines... that way the journey will be more enjoyable for all concerned.

Don’t forget that this is a holiday, but also that rules still matter: if they’ve got homework to do before returning to school, decide together the times that should be set aside for study and exercises. Be flexible when the circumstances demand it, but also firm: caravan journeys, precisely because they make us feel we’re still at home, are a good time to maintain certain good habits.

On that subject, when possible, always choose parking areas that come with electricity and water. That way you can combine freedom with comfort.

Have you put everything on board your Fiat Ducato motorhome? Are you ready to go?

Keep in mind that even when the available space seems to be exhausted, there’s always space on board to pack in some extra enjoyment and high spirits!

Travelling in contact with nature, going on excursions together and facing new challenges calls for a fresh approach: so, fill your Ducato Motorhome only with the desire to have fun. Take advantage of every chance for togetherness, amusement and collaboration. Together with the selfies of your Ducato campervan holiday, these moments will be the most precious souvenirs from your adventure!

Enjoy yourselves!