16 Apr 2020

With Ducato, the unexpected is always just around the corner: unusual destinations to add to your travel wishlist!

With Ducato, the unexpected is always just around the corner: unusual destinations to add to your travel wishlist!

Pamukkale in Turkey, Giethoorn in the Netherlands and the Verdon Gorge in France: let these little-known magical places bowl you over.

With your Ducato motorhome you can go anywhere, even to these places full of magic! Let’s discover how to plan some unusual, surprising itineraries together!


Translated, their name means “cotton castle”: ever heard of them?

Here’s a clue: they are located in Cappadocia and they are the most beautiful thermal springs in the world, also according to UNESCO. The answer is the Pammukale, and, seen from afar, they’ll take your breath away.


The thermal waters (which are very warm thanks to the volcanic activity that occurs underground!) flow from one pool to the next. The rocks are a stunning white colour, due to the limestone deposited there throughout the millenniums.

You’ll really feel as if you’re looking at soft cotton wool balls!

History buffs will be interested to learn that Pamukkale was once part of the ancient city of Hierapolis and in fact, not far from the thermal springs, you can also visit the ruins of this ancient Greek city.

The wonder of nature and man will leave you breathless in this first stage of your trip with Ducato. Next stop?


No, you haven’t taken a wrong turning, you’re not in Venice: welcome to the village of Giethoorn!


We’re in the Netherlands, in the Weerribben-Wieden national park, and those buildings you can see are farmhouses built on small islands linked to one another by 170 small wooden bridges.

The village was originally a settlement of peat miners, an activity that led to the formation of lakes and ponds in the surrounding area; its charm has remained intact over time.

To explore it, you can take a trip on a punter, one of the area’s characteristic narrow boats steered by a “punteraar” using a wooden stick. Yes, you’re right... you’re not the only one who sees the similarity with Venice’s gondoliers!

Now get ready to discover the next destination, with Ducato!


Breathtaking, from any angle!

Whether you’re a climber, a kayaking enthusiast, a rafter or a fan of another water sports, or simply an avid hiker, the Verdon Gorge will leave you breathless.

Here the gorges of the river divide the land for 25 km, creating the most striking canyon in Europe.


The tracks that run along the gorges are lined with unspoilt nature and awash with incredible colours.

Since the cliffs and the crystal clear water can be admired from the comfort of your Ducato, plan the ideal route that will expose you to all the beauty offered by this amazing area.

For instance, visit Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, Quinson, Allemagne-en-Provence, Montagnac Montpezat and Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon, an itinerary spanning approximately 200 km.

Allow yourself a few days, the time you need to stop and admire all the beauty of the panoramic points and visit villages and attractions such as the Château d'Allemagne-en-Provence.
We’re sure that this unusual destination will win over the hearts of all motorhome owners, sports fans and loungers alike.

By the way: along the route of the Gorge, you’ll find the highest point in Europe, perfect for the ultimate bungee jump. An unforgettable memory to take home with you on board your Fiat Ducato motorhome!​

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