12 APR 2019



If you want a perfect holiday, you must have a copy of the perfect camping person’s manual. Here are lots of suggestions to help you make the most of enjoying your trip in your Fiat Ducato-based Motorhome.

You’ve been dreaming about it for a while: now it’s finally time to start your campervan and just set off!

But have you got everything you need?

Here are some of the indispensable things for a perfect holiday!

  1. Check up and go: before setting off, check that everything on-board is in working order. Liquid levels, air filter, tyre and spare tyre pressure... these are not negligible details! It is also important to distribute weight evenly across the entire vehicle. If you’re planning a sporting holiday and have equipment with you (e.g. bicycles), check that they are firmly attached, to avoid problems when braking.
  2. This advice applies to any vehicle, and especially when you travel on a Ducato-based motorhome: when you feel tired, stop for a rest. The advantage of a holiday on the road is that you don’t need to hurry to reach your goal. On the contrary, the great thing is to relish the sense of freedom unique to the campervan experience. Taking an extra break means travelling safely... and having the chance to enjoy the wonderful views without any rush!
  3. Learn to economise on resources: you’ll soon realise that water is always a precious asset, but when you travel in your motorhome, even more! On that subject, remember that less weight means lower consumption. So it’s not essential to fill a tank to the limit if you’re headed for an equipped area where you can top up. Better to travel light, unless strictly necessary. Discussion on this will help to make children more aware of sustainability issues, an excellent habit once they return home.
  4. If you decide to travel to other countries, check that you have everything you need, and not only your I.D cards. For example, if you don’t want to run out of electricity in your Ducato motorhome, you must make sure you have adapters for the sockets in the country you are going to. As far as electricity goes, consider that if you choose LED lighting you can cut consumption by up to 90% compared to old fashioned light bulbs. If you travel in summer, you can use photovoltaic panels as a valid alternative to the electric column.
  5. Respect the places where you stop, and keep them perfect for those who will come after you: leave the parking areas clean and, when parked, avoid disturbing others. If you travel with animals, always keep an eye on them: not everyone will love your dog (however beautiful).
  6. Make contact with other travellers: it takes very little to set off again in the morning having made some new friends. Human contact is a stimulating part of a travelling adventure. Socialising and solidarity, even on solving little daily problems, will give you one more reason to feel part of the places you visit.
  7. Plan your shopping: you can't stop at every supermarket to buy what you forgot to get in the previous one. A good shopping list before you leave will help you get the things you need.
  8. Organise your spaces so that everyone can travel comfortably in your Ducato Motorhome. If you are travelling with children, don’t forget to bring good games and ideas to amuse them. A campervan holiday will also help them to leave what they don’t need at home, and help make them take responsibility for managing small daily problems.
  9. Plan your itinerary but without stress: remember that the beauty of travelling on your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome is the sensation of feeling free.
  10. The most important thing won’t be in your luggage or your campervan’s living quarters: it will be your curiosity about discovering the world. The thing that, once you’re riding in your motorhome, will guarantee you truly unforgettable moments. Keep this in mind and fasten your seat belts!

So... “gute Reise”, campers!