05 APR 2019



Between egg hunts and chocolate parties, Easter Week in the English capital will be full of pleasure and... something very sweet! All aboard!

A great combination of free days is on the way: the Easter Holidays! Take advantage by letting your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome help you drive all the way to somewhere like nowhere else. Destination: London!
The intense and colourful celebrations of Easter in the English capital start on Good Friday.
In Trafalgar Square, London’s vast gathering-place, nearly 100 actors in period costume enact the most moving moments in the Easter Story.
Entry for The Passion of Jesus is free and the start is scheduled for noon. However, the performance attracts
nearly 20,000 spectators, so you’d do well to arrive in the square long before the beginning, to relish the atmosphere, find a place with a good view, and then enjoy the show.
If you too have been fascinated by the ceremony of royal weddings, Westminster Abbey must be high on your list of places to visit in London... and Easter Saturday is the best time to do it.
The Abbey is open on April 20, and in the afternoon you can thrill to the music and pageant of the Easter service in this ancient, majestic, historic Cathedral, famous the world over... you’ll feel privileged to be there. Don’t miss it!
On the 21st, don't worry if you hear the rumble of artillery... it's Easter Sunday, but those are the cannon salutes for another occasion:
the Queen's birthday! Two salutes are carried out, one from central London and the other from The Tower of London.

Easter Monday is a national Holiday. What will you go? What about a journey within your journey? It’s a traditional day for trips to the countryside, so why not take the opportunity to visit Stonehenge?
The most famous prehistoric monument in the world stands in Wiltshire. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986. Every year, millions of people are drawn to this place, fascinated by the stories and legends associated with these massive megaliths.
To reach the site, the shortest route from London is via the M3 and the A303. In less than two hours, your Ducato Motorhome will show you the most mysterious and fascinating scene.
But somewhere along the way, stock up with Hot Cross Buns or Simnel Cakes, the ancient typical traditional English sweetbreads... though not as ancient as Stonehenge!

What if it’s raining? Take shelter in the warmth of the many tea rooms set up for Easter: another comforting English ritual! Come to think of it, a respectable Easter can’t go by without a generous dose of chocolate! Here are some of the best chocolate shops in London: try some and treat yourself to the sweetest of comparisons.
1. Charbonnel et Walker
Founded in 1875, Charbonnel et Walker has long been one of London’s favourite Chocolate Makers. Don't leave without trying their flagship “Pink Champagne Truffles "!
2. Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates
If you’ve come with the whole family, your children will love this chocolate shop, reminding them of "Willy Wonka" magic products.
Chocolate bars, truffles, brownies with courageous but delicious combinations... like orange and lavender!
3. Artisan du Chocolat
Gerard Coleman is a chocolate maestro trained in Belgium. He’s been surprising Londoners and tourists with his creations ever since opening in the year 2000. Here too, there’s a must-try: the N° 1 Salted Caramels Original.

As you probably know, exploring with your Campervan on its Fiat Ducato base has quite another flavour if you also bring your children. So why not all take part in one of the favourite activities of children at Easter? An egg hunt!

Just for the occasion, Lindt organises one in Hampton Court Palace, around the garden and in Henry VIII's palatial residence.
The game is designed for children from 3 to 12 years old, and their families.
Taking part is simple: just get a Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt route map as soon as you arrive at the palace, then follow the clues hidden in the park, solve the questions and win the delicious Lindt Gold Bunny!

What else can we say? We wish you a very sweet Easter... sure that if you leave for London in your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome, it will all turn out as wonderful as this!

Bon voyage! ​​