29 MAR 2019



This is the ideal season for exploring spectacular lakes and breathtaking landscapes! Let’s look at some of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, as though seen from the windows of our Fiat Ducato Camper!

Searching for a trip combining relaxation and active pleasures? A holiday taking in some of Europe’s most fascinating lakes, riding on your Fiat Ducato-based Motorhome, is a wonderful solution. Here are some of the best-loved destinations for campervan rovers, who are always eager for the fascination exerted by glorious panoramas while savouring their on the road philosophy!


Known as one of Europe’s most romantic lakes, the Lago d’Orta, or Lake Orta, extends for 15 kilometres in Piedmont and offers unique views in a strategic position and lively open-air activities for the entire family!
Surrounded by evocative woods, just thirty minutes from Stresa, and truly ideal for your next campervan holiday. A truly enchanted place, yet easily accessible in your motorhome, being near several motorway exits.
Once you have parked, be prepared to change means of transport - at least for a moment - and let yourself be transported by boat to one of the wonders of this lake: the Isola di San Giulio. Seeming to float on Lake Orta, the Island of San Giulio boasts a beautiful monastery, the site of a singular legend: it is said that before the arrival of San Giulio the island was inhabited by monsters and snakes... but don’t worry, you’ll only be welcomed by the island’s characteristic alleys and elegant villas: a real treasure island! After a day exploring the island, you can return to your motorhome, but only after one last pit stop: to pause and take a souvenir photo of sunset on the lake. Unmissable!


Mountains, nature and...the Plitvice Lakes, situated in Central Croatia: 16 lakes connected by waterfalls and a weave of hiking trails. In short: an ideal destination for dynamic and adventurous travellers!
A perfect destination for all seasons, the Plitvice Lakes offer various different aspects through the year: in winter they show the famous frozen waterfalls, while in summer green vegetation takes over, filling the landscape with colour.
You can start your tour in your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome by immersing yourself in the National Park, halfway between Zagreb and Zadar, in Dalmatia. Once in the Park, you will have two options: to visit the upper or the lower part. The former contains lakes surrounded by tall forests and waterfalls, and the latter offers smaller lakes and lower vegetation.
Key word? Water! Not only in the lakes, but also in waterfalls and canyons, which can be explored on foot or by boat. In any case, the Park will not disappoint your expectations, whatever the season: it’s also open in winter!

BAVIERA – Lake Königgssee

A land of mountain landscapes, full of fairytale castles, Bavaria is just one of the many destinations you can reach by camper van: a must for nature lovers, and Europe's most magical expanses of water. Next stop? The Königssee lake is located on the border with Austria, inside the Berchtesgaden National Park: let yourself be inspired by its imposing mountains, which also offer excellent services for campers!
The Königgssee lake is surrounded by soaring cliffs, so park your camper and board the first available boat to admire stunning views from an exceptional viewpoint. Take your backpack and suitable shoes if you want to reach the highest areas via various equipped walkways!


For years the holiday resort of the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy, Lake Balaton – at 79 km in length – is the largest in Central Europe. Today it welcomes thousands of tourists every year from all over the world. You will also be welcomed by the vineyards and castles that surround the lake, a wonderful alternative if the temperature discourages you from diving into the waters of the Balaton.
And after a pit stop at the lake, get back in your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome and explore the famous places nearby: to the north, Tihany, Balatonfüred, Csopak and Keszthely, to the south Siófok and Zamárdi.

While waiting to discover other destinations for your next Fiat Ducato-based campervan trips, here’s some useful information on the facilities near the lakes featured in this article:


Camping Orta - Via Domodossola, 28 - 28016 ORTA SAN GIULIO (Novara) - Italy

Camping Korana Hr47245 Rakovica, Croatia

Camping-Resort Allweglehen - Allweggasse 4, 83471 Berchtesgaden, Germany

Mirabella Camping - 8621 Zamárdi, Szent István u. 3512 hrsz, Hungary​