22 MAR 2019



If you’re about to take a trip in your Fiat Ducato-base campervan, you can do your packing without worries: during your next adventure, you’ll have an extra travel companion... the Fiat Camper Assistance Team!

What makes the Fiat Motorhome Assistance Team so unique is the variety of the services it makes available to all campers who have decided to travel with a Fiat Ducato-base campervan. Fiat assistance is always available, through a multilingual call centre, equipped workshops and specialised points throughout Europe.

In the case of breakdowns, faults, accidents, punctures or low batteries, the first advice to follow is: don’t panic! Just call the Call Centre, active in 15 languages and in 51 countries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will get in touch directly with the roadside assistance team.
What’s your first move? Immediately dial the toll-free number 00800 3428 1111! A dedicated team will listen to you, analyse your situation through dialogue and understand how to intervene, whatever your language!

Once the problem has been identified, the call centre will put you in touch with the nearest workshop: and if necessary you will also be assisted by Europe Assistance, which will act as an interpreter, staying with the customer and the identified workshop, until the operation is completed. Only when the vehicle is ready to restart and you resume your journey will the Team conclude its assistance. But it will always remain available, should there be any further problems.

There are Fiat Professional workshops all over Europe... whether you’re in Norway to watch the Northern Lights or visiting old remote French towns, you can count on our assistance network, which includes roughly 6,500 authorised workshops, 1,800 of them being specifically for Fiat Camper Assistance.

These are super-specialised assistance points, which offer ideal facilities and dimensions to assist all campervan drivers on a Fiat Professional base, in a totally complete manner: with adequate elevators, spare parts, ad hoc access dimensions and a larger supply of consumable materials and items, we can facilitate the activation of special procedures to reduce intervention times.
Fiat Campervan assistance services don’t stop here... we have numerous personalised ways to intervene to make your journey tranquil:

- reimbursing hotel expenses, if you have to wait for your vehicle to be repaired;

- or a courtesy car, to allow you to carry on enjoying your holiday;

- Towing your motorhome, if impeded by accident or breakdown;

- Covering your transport expenses;

- Reclaiming your repaired campervan, which will be delivered to you as soon as possible;

- Anticipating cash to travellers, if necessary;

- Returning passengers to their homes;

No more excuses: with Fiat Camper by your side, your journey can begin right away!