16 NOV 2021



Touring in a Ducato-based motorhome is always a delight, but how should we equip ourselves before leaving, depending on how many travel companions we’re bringing along? Below we share some tips that will help you to enjoy your next adventure to the full, whether you’re travelling alone or with loved ones! Ready, set... let's start up the engine!

Travelling solo

Many travellers love a bit of solitude: being free to go anywhere and do or see whatever you want, whenever you want, is a feeling like no other. Space is never a problem with Ducato-based vehicles, especially if you are travelling alone!

For solo trips, it’s important to prepare in the best possible way to deal with emergency situations, so always keep a means of communication and a first aid kit handy if you want to be sure of having a totally trouble-free trip.

Travelling as a couple

Travelling as a couple is a formative experience, especially when you're just starting out.
If it’s one of your first outings together, it makes sense to establish your own space right away: whether that’s reading a book, taking a walk or even just lying quietly in your own bed, setting boundaries will certainly be important for both of you, so that you can fully enjoy your holiday together and always with a smile on your face!

That said, having something to hand that you can do together in the evening, whether it’s watching a DVD or playing a board game, is also a great way to make your Ducato adventure more enjoyable. So, before departing, plan to bring along everything you’ll need to keep you occupied during those times of the day when you’re at a loose end, to make the most of your shared holiday!

In a group

Another unforgettable on-the-road experience is travelling in a group.
Organising the interior space of your Ducato-based vehicle in the best way possible is certainly vital for ensuring everyone's comfort.
The outdoor area will certainly be the most used space, especially during summer, so parking your Ducato-based motorhome next to a large, clear and level surface will be essential. You’ll need to equip yourselves with all the things that might come in useful during your group trip: never underestimate the importance of an outdoor table, or enough chairs so that no one has to stand up!

This is the end of our brief guide on travelling in company! We hope it’s useful, especially in terms of rekindling your desire to jump aboard your four-wheeled companion for the next adventure!