14 NOV 2021



The Model Year 2021 Ducato offers even more safety solutions

The base that's better than ever for motorhomes and even safer for travellers: the new Ducato 2021 incorporates safety systems already tested on the previous version, but goes one step further by proposing new driver assistance solutions. The Ducato motorhome base is available with various ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) features, which are designed to help the driver in critical situations and avoid collisions with vehicles, objects or people.

ESC and Traction+ It's great to travel by motorhome, but it's even better to do it safely. One of the most important ADAS offered by Ducato is ESC, the most advanced system, which groups together the most features. In version 2021 the ESC system has been upgraded with the aim of further increasing the level of safety afforded. It is now equipped with Cross Wind Assist, which stabilises the vehicle through strong crosswinds, and the Post Collision Braking System, which applies the brakes in the case of a crash to prevent secondary collisions. In addition, when the Ducato-based motorhome is coupled to a trailer, Trailer Stability Control intervenes if the trailer starts swaying from side to side. All this is in addition to the now-familiar ESC vehicle stabilisation feature (which brakes the wheels and reduces engine power when needed). Let's not forget that this solution includes Roll Over Mitigation (which intervenes when a high risk of overturning is detected) and the extremely useful Hill Holder, which facilitates hill starts by momentarily keeping the vehicle stationary while you take your foot off the brake pedal to depress the accelerator.
Another key driver assistance solution is Traction+, already widely tested and appreciated in recent years, which provides a real safety guarantee for motorhome owners. This traction control system helps to tackle the kind of challenging terrain often found on unsurfaced rest stops, for example, by braking the slipping wheel and transferring torque to the wheel with the most grip. Traction+ integrates Hill Descent Control, which is useful for motorhome owners who have to negotiate steep descents: the device maintains the desired speed with no need for constant braking.

Help for drivers The Ducato ADAS are also designed to assist drivers whose level of alertness is, for whatever reason, insufficient to ensure adequate driving safety. Take for example Attention Assist, which monitors the driver's fatigue level and provides early warning in the event of careless driving, and Blind Spot Assist, which uses a sensor located in the rear-view mirror to alert the driver to nearby vehicles not visible in the mirror itself. Then there is the Full Brake Control System, which detects obstacles, such as cars ahead, and brakes the vehicle autonomously. Now this device has been enhanced with Pedestrian Detection, which also detects pedestrians and cyclists. The numerous ADAS systems integrated on the Ducato motorhome base also include High Beam Recognition, which automatically dips the headlights when an oncoming vehicle is detected, and the Rain and Dusk Sensor, which automatically activates the windscreen wipers (adjusting their speed) and the dipped beam headlights when needed. Last but not least, Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) recognises road signs (speed limit and no-overtaking signs) and indicates them to the driver via the instrument display.

When it comes to safety, the Ducato 2021 offers numerous features aimed at helping motorhome owners around the world to enjoy their next adventures to the full! To stay up to date w​ith the latest Ducato news, you can subscribe to the monthly newsletter and follow the official social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram

This article talks about the specific features and content that manufacturers can choose to adopt on their Ducato-based motorhomes, so you should check whether the model you are buying from your dealer includes this equipment. The trim levels and optionals for the models may also vary according to specific market or legal requirements.