19 APR 2023

Ducato is available in many variants for building a wide variety of motorhomes


The strength of Ducato and its success as a base for motorhomes also lies in the variety of the range available. There are countless versions, making it possible to create the most diverse types of motorhomes to meet the desires of all kinds of users: from those who want a compact vehicle, to those who want a more spacious solution, and from those seeking a van, to those who want a coachbuilt solution, and so on. Ducato is designed to meet the needs and ambitions of those whose lifelong dream comes true when they buy a motorhome.

Chassis cab, chassis cowl and van

Ducato comes both as a van and as a chassis: the former serves to make the increasingly popular camper van, the latter is the basis on which to build a motorhome, or an overcab or semi-integrated motor caravan.

How long is a Ducato-based motorhome?

Ducato Van is available in three lengths (541 cm, 599 cm and 636 cm) and in three heights, including the intermediate high-roof version (in technical jargon H2) which is a good mix of external dimensions (height 252 cm) and interior roominess (you can easily stand up in the passenger compartment), while the H3 version is higher, (276 cm), offering large spaces inside, with room for an overcab sleeping area.

Motorised chassis

The motorised chassis, on the other hand, is offered in a chassis version with cab, suitable for building overcab and semi-integrated vehicles, and in the 'chassis cowl' variant, without the top part of the cab, designed for the creation of single-volume motorhomes.
The chassis cab and chassis cowl vehicles are available in both the standard and widened rear track width low-loader versions. The latter, truly advantageous solutions are the most widely used for building motorhomes: the widened track increases the stability of travel, reduces the space occupied by the wheel arches in the passenger compartment and allows the wheels to run flush with the side, while the lowered chassis ensures a lower vehicle height and makes it easier to create a 'double floor'.

Customise your motorhome

And that's not all, because the Ducato base motorhome also comes without the rear chassis.
That's right! Just the cab, equipped with control panel, wheels and engine, to allow the coachbuilder the opportunity to combine it with specific extra-series chassis models, including those with double rear axle. The close collaboration with the motorhome industry manufacturing chain has allowed, in recent years, for a considerable expansion of the range to end users.