21 APR 2023

After the winter break, it’s always a good idea to check that our motorhome is in perfect working order


Spring is here and our Ducato-based motorhome is ready to help us enjoy the delights of the fine weather. Motorhomes are designed for year-round use, but many owners prefer to leave their vehicle to 'hibernate' during the cold winter months, only to resume their outings with the arrival of spring. It is therefore useful to carry out a series of checks before travelling again. Some checks require the intervention of a specialised technician, while we can take care of the simpler ones ourselves.

Checking safety and gas

There are many checks to be made on the systems of the motorhome, which must be in perfect working order to ensure excellent on-board comfort in all situations and locations.

  • The heating system must be checked, because even in spring it can be useful to light the stove, especially in the evening and in mountainous areas. We need to check that the on-board heating unit switches on correctly and starts heating the passenger compartment. We should also check that the water from the sink, basins and shower heats properly. Any faults must be reported to a specialist technician.
  • We should also ask a competent technician to regularly check the gas system for leaks and replace the oldest elements (we can check the expiry dates ourselves), paying particular attention to the pressure regulator and the short section of high-pressure hose that exits the gas cylinder.
  • Also, don’t forget to call a repair service if a stove malfunction comes to light: the thermocouple safety switch should block the gas from coming out when the flame is accidentally extinguished.

Flush out the water system

We must check that the water system is working properly: the winter frost may have damaged some of its components, especially if we did not completely drain it before leaving the motorhome in the garage. For example, once the water is turned on, we may find that the mixer tap cartridges need to be replaced. It is even more important to check that the pipes are not leaking: frost tends to damage the connection points in particular. On motorhomes equipped with a pressure switch pump, this should only activate when a tap is turned on, whereas if it emits water without doing this it could mean there is a leak in the system. Checking the seal of the grey water drain valve is also important: there should be no small leaks under the vehicle and it should open and close smoothly. It is also useful to periodically wash and disinfect the inside of the water tank, accessible from the large red inspection cap. And while you're at it, check the seal of the cap gasket too, because this could leak during the trip when the vehicle moves.

Motorhome servicing

Don't forget to check some of the moving parts, and if necessary have repaired. These include the electric step, the removable awning and the bike rack. Sometimes a little lubricant is enough to ease the movement, other times a technician is needed. The same applies to windows and skylights: over time, wear and tear or small debris can damage the handles and opening jacks. The roller shutter elements of windows, i.e. mosquito nets and blinds, must also be checked: the tension of the winding spring may have slackened and the fastening hook may be damaged. So when you get into your Ducato-based motorhome to carry out your annual spring clean, don't forget to check that everything is working properly and, if it isn't, ask for help from a competent workshop.