07 JAN 2020



Has life on the road always fascinated you? Do you love posting photos of your travels? If so, you are the perfect candidate to embark on a #vanlife or #camperlife adventure.

Let us tell you about the latest travel trend: the motorhome traveller community is super social, especially if you have a Fiat Ducato-based camper van!
Thanks to Ducato you are already in perfect company: you can start your adventure in total freedom and share all your travel experiences on your Instagram profile with the official hashtag #FIATDUCATOCAMPER.

There’s no place like home... particularly if it’s on four wheels, and can take you to enchanting landscapes and unknown places every day. This is how the #vanlife and #camperlife philosophy came about: from the need to live in a less traditional home and enjoy a roving, dynamic lifestyle.

It is not just a fad, but a genuine movement that has continued to grow in recent years, with many families and individual travellers embracing the challenge. Everyone is different, but all are united by the desire to keep getting lost in new adventures, often with a decidedly eco-friendly mindset.

Many travellers choose motorhomes equipped with solar panels to power their onboard appliances. Besides creativity, adaptability and resourcefulness are helpful when living in such a confined space.

Another essential ingredient is the desire to share your life with the rest of the world. And what better way to do so than through social media?

Numerous stories of vanlifers and motorhome travellers can be found on Instagram, which is an ideal place to tell people about your life on the road, through photos and videos that can be shared easily. There are many online stories of people who have hit the highway in search of a better life. Many of these travellers are not simply on an extended holiday, but even work remotely so that they can stay on the move. They do it directly from their motorhome or in places with free Wi-Fi hotspots, which are perfect if you want to work smart and in comfort!

Still having doubts? Life in a Fiat Ducato-based van or motorhome can be a fantastic adventure, and it is also more economical than living in a conventional home. That's because #vanlife or #camperlife is rent-free, you don't need to decorate and you use less power.

If you want to give it a go, but don't know where to start, here are some useful tips for living your life on the road with Ducato:


Posting picture-perfect photos is important, but not as essential as choosing the most suitable vehicle for your needs.
Before planning your itinerary, look for the motorhome or van that best fits your adventure. Undecided whether to opt for a vintage or brand-new vehicle? New vehicles are less likely to develop problems, but plump for a popular brand: you may have trouble finding spare parts for less common makes.


The next step is to plan your life on board. Rule number one: space is limited, so offload anything superfluous and useless!
Make sure you have a comfortable bed: many vehicles have modular beds, but the base must be comfortable and good quality. It is vital to rest well and recharge your batteries so you can get back on the move each morning.
Equip your kitchen with at least one gas cooker, as well as at least one boiler and a stove if you're travelling in very cold regions.
Last but not least, don't forget a shower: whether it’s built-in or a homemade outdoor job, it doesn't really matter!


Vanlifers don’t always take advantage of service points at paid campsites: they also opt for free rest stops. Wherever you choose to park up, remember to always keep a list of stopovers recommended by the experienced traveller community, who will advise you on how to sleep soundly and safely and wake up in extraordinary places!


If your motorhome is ready, properly equipped and you’ve already packed your bags, don't forget the most important thing: freedom.
Set off free from all constraints and limitations. Most importantly, feel free to open your mind to infinitely new possibilities... that will be the best gift your #vanlife or #camperlife can give you!
Are you ready to post some images of your Ducato motorhome, and follow the official @fiatprofessional4rv profile to enter our travel wall? Your next adventures are waiting to be shared with #FIATDUCATOCAMPER!