18 OCT 2023



Motorhomes are versatile vehicles capable of adapting to the needs of families. Most motorhomes are four-berth, but there is no shortage of vehicles offering six, seven or even eight berths. So not just families, but also large work teams on various assignments can easily fit into a large motorhome. Obviously, it’s important to choose the right motorhome for every specific need, which is why the Ducato motorhome base is offered in numerous variants, to enable the creation of various types of vehicle having different shapes and dimensions. The larger motorhomes are certainly able to provide a comfortable holiday for parents with children, but there are also other families who prefer a small and easy-to-handle motorhome.

A van certainly has limited internal space, but the width and shape of the Ducato body offers a surprising roomy interior. The Ducato van is available in the H3 high roof version, which accommodates a drop-down double bed in the upper part of the passenger compartment. But the conversion potential of the Ducato allows those who want more headroom to create custom motorhomes with a high roof. It is also possible to create vans with an additional elevating roof, which offers a double bed inside.

Completely different from vans are overcab motorhomes (also known as coachbuilt or alcove motorhomes), in which the passenger compartment extends over the driver’s cab, providing a fixed double bed that is always ready and available. Precisely thanks to the overcab bed and useful rear bunk beds, this type of motorhome is able to offer plenty of room for a family of four, even for vehicles of limited length. Obviously, as the size of the motorhome increases, the number of beds increases, as does the comfort offered by the living area and bathroom. The Ducato motorhome base reaches a maximum length of 7.5 metres, or even longer than 8 metres if using a double rear axle chassis.

By contrast, low profile motorhomes don’t have an overcab sleeping compartment, but can still incorporate a drop-down double bed at the front, which can be stored in the ceiling when not needed. Even A-class motorhomes, without the original cab, have a stowable front bed, but offer more space because the driving area is wider and the drop-down bed is located further towards the front of the vehicle. In other aspects, overcab, low profile and A-class motorhomes are similar and provide work teams and families with a front living area that seats four to eight people, plus numerous rear sleeping area layouts. These include bunk beds for two children, or two spacious single beds that would also suit adults, or various types of double bed.  

All aboard then — thanks to the versatility of the Ducato motorhome base, both families and large work teams alike can find the perfect holiday accommodation.