23 OCT 2023



The motorhome shows at Düsseldorf and Parma confirmed the popularity of Ducato as a base for the construction of motorhomes: with a vast array of models exhibited on all types of vehicle. The 2024 season has picked up on last year’s trends, but with some more vibrant novelties and innovations. There is no shortage of creativity and variety: these aren't just "bells and whistles” to attract the public with, but new ways of living on four wheels that embrace changing lifestyles (think smart working).

The type of motorhome that continues to gain great acclaim at exhibitions is the camper van, and this is the segment in which Ducato has the greatest potential thanks to its exceptional comfort. The most popular camper van version is still the one with H2 medium roof, which offers excellent living space without increasing the external height too much. But there is an increasing number of Ducato van models equipped with an elevating pop top roof. This provides an additional sleeping area in the roof cavity, protected by waterproof canvas walls, a solution that increases the number of sleeping spaces as well as the vehicle’s versatility.

The other type of motorhome that is clearly generating interest, especially at exhibitions, is the compact low-profile motorhome. Anyone who thinks a camper van is too small, but doesn't want to sacrifice manoeuvrability, will be interested in what a compact low-profile motorhome has to offer. They have a short overall length, which is below average for their category, but their width is also reduced, which makes driving and parking that much easier. The trend towards compactness also affects A-class motorhomes built onto a Ducato chassis cowl (which does not have the upper part of the cab). In these vehicles, there is more living space at the front and an additional folding double bed can be created above the driver’s cab.

The number of overcab motorhomes, in which the living area extends over the cab, is decreasing, but they remain the preferred solution for large families and rental fleets, accommodating up to eight people. This type no longer only adopts traditional layouts, but also unorthodox solutions that maximise flexibility of use.

The greatest variety of models is found among low-profile and standard-width motorhomes, with numerous available layouts and vehicle lengths. The central queen-sized bed, similar to what you might have at home, is increasingly in demand, in a sleeping area that includes a bathroom equipped with separate shower cubicle. Among low-profile models there is also an increase in the number of models without a fixed rear bed: they offer a large front living area with a fold-down double bed, plus an exceptionally spacious bathroom to the rear.

So much variety is offered by 2024 edition motorhomes that anyone who chooses to holiday on the road is spoiled for choice, thanks to the availability of a reliable and versatile base such as the Ducato.