04 SEPT 2020



It’s morning, the wind is blowing hard outside and a storm has been raging since the middle of the night. Oh no, you don’t have wet weather footwear or a tarpaulin to shelter under, and outside the downpour continues unabated!

It’s afternoon, you decide to take a walk in the nearby woods to discover unexplored places. You rummage in your packs for a drink, but there isn’t one: you left your water bottles at home!

It’s evening, the stars wink at you from high in the sky and even the smallest ones are visible in the pitch blackness. How nice would it be to be reading a book out here... too bad you left the torch in your garage!

Once you decide to set off on an adventure aboard your four-wheeled friend, it’s essential to get organised and pack everything you need so that you never find yourself in the right place with the wrong gear. Let's find out what items you need to stow on board before departing: after all, who knows where you might end up? Besides, the beauty of travelling by motorhome is having the freedom to do what you want, when you want.

Winter or summer clothing? Why choose!

It’s more or less possible to predict which destinations and seasons are likely to be hot and sunny, but as we motorhome owners know all too well, not everything goes to plan when you’re on the road.

During your pre-trip preparations it’s therefore advisable to always pack some extra clothing so that you can enjoy your expedition in any weather. You’ve got the space, right? So why not bring that extra warm jumper, a windbreaker or some walking boots? Whether our final destination is a city, a mountain or that campsite in the pine forest that you adore, we've all ended up changing our minds at the last minute or made a spontaneous detour to an unexplored place.

Your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome needs to be fully equipped for such eventualities! When choosing what to bring and what to leave behind, ask yourself "Might I need it?". If the answer is no, just bring it anyway! Are you travelling to a city where you are likely to only use the cabin for sleeping? Even if you are, equip yourself with everything you need to set up a nice patio area next to your van. At some point when you’re on holiday, you’re certain to want a few hours’ rest reading a book in the open air, or doing some sunbathing after lunch.

If the essence of a good motorhome trip is freedom and adventure, the essence of good pre-trip preparations is organisation and… more organisation!

Easy-peasy DIY fixes

Now that you’re certain you packed everything you need for every climate, environment and situation, you also need to get equipped for unexpected mishaps.

So let's get inventive and think about what might come in useful, especially if you end up exploring isolated places.

Duct tape is a lifesaver for DIY repairs and always worth keeping onboard. Whether fixing a broken chair or covering a hole in your child's bucket, there’s a temporary solution to every motorhome owner’s problems.
Various everyday objects can come in handy in different situations, so whether you’re travelling to the mountains or to the coast, use your imagination and try to consider every possible scenario before departing.

Houston, we have a problem (but don’t worry, we’ve got it sorted!)

You’ve finished preparing for departure, your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome is perhaps a bit heavier than usual, but then so are you! It's time to embark on an adventure, take the wheel and savour the sense of freedom that only a motorhome can give you.

You turn the first corner but... suddenly you realise that you haven’t brought all the necessary documents with you. It might seem obvious, but it’s worth always remembering that, besides your vehicle and your pets (if you have any), documents are your passport to adventure!

Although we can’t possibly list everything that might come in useful in different situations, we hope this brief guide will help you to understand that adventures don't have to be disorganised. Motorhome owners need to be able to adapt and improvise, but even so, preparing well so that you have practical solutions to hand is often the best way to ensure stress-free travels anywhere in the world.