11 SEPT 2020



For many of us experienced motorhome owners and nature lovers, bringing our four-legged friends on holiday is a prerequisite, but can cause problems.

So, here are some simple but useful tips for preparing everything (including your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome) for a dog-friendly adventure!

Just like home

Home is our sacred space, where we can find peaceful respite away from the problems of everyday life, and the same goes for our pets.
Therefore, to better prepare them for your next trip together, it is advisable to start getting them used to motorhome life. Try spending a few hours inside your motorhome with your pet, perhaps even going for a short drive so that your furry guest can get used to the cabin and also the movement and sounds.

Animals are very territorial, so forcing them to take a trip to unfamiliar places can have negative results. These range from simple problems of adaptation to more serious mood changes in your pet, which may behave more aggressively than normal if he feels in danger. If this happens, our first suggestion is to stop your motorhome and spend some time outdoors together, where your presence and the natural surroundings should exert a calming effect.

Even pets need their own space

Now that you’ve got your four-legged friend accustomed to staying in your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome, what should you do next? Take note of where he chooses to lie down! In stressful situations, animals tend to seek out the places where they feel most protected. Once your pooch has found his preferred spot, turn it into his personal space for the entire duration of the trip, by placing his basket and bowls on the floor nearby: your four-legged friend would thank you if he could!

And before you finally park up at a stopover, decide in advance whether you want to keep your dog with you inside the motorhome or outside! In the latter case, we advise that you get him used to lying beside the motorhome even before your trip, so that he feels safe living out of doors.

Preparing the cabin

Once your canine travel companion is back inside the house, it's worth dedicating some time to dog-proofing your Fiat Ducato: let's see what small steps we can take to make life on board better for everyone!
First, take some extra old towels for when your pet comes back from a dip in the sea or a muddy walk in the mountains! A very dirty dog (even a small one) running amok in such a confined space could make your living space unliveable, so be sure to clean your canine properly before letting him back into your motorhome.

Covering sharp edges and corners is also good practice when travelling with pets. Being in a moving vehicle affects animals’ sense of balance even more than our own, and the last thing you want is for them to get hurt as you traverse a particularly tight bend or an unseen bump in the road.

Hygiene products, both for pets and your motorhome, are even more necessary in these situations. We therefore recommend packing everything you need for any eventuality. If you are in doubt whether to bring parasite control treatment with you... bring it!

Papers in order, let's go!

Last but not least: if you plan on going abroad, remember that your dog will need his own personal passport! To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should therefore ensure that you have packed everything in advance. Keeping all documents together with your Fiat Ducato motorhome’s user manual is the best way to ensure you are ready in the event of police checks.

This is the end of this short guide, now you can look forward to setting off as soon as possible and enjoying happy travels. One thing is certain: you will be better prepared than ever to spend some quality time on the road with your friends, whether they be of the two- or four-legged variety!​​