13 MAR 2020



Villages, valleys and fjords... we present an itinerary that will make your Ducato motorhome holiday truly unforgettable!

If adventurous routes are your thing, you will be instantly captivated by the fairytale landscapes you will pass through on board your Ducato. So get ready to be bowled over by the magical panoramas that will materialise along the route... travelling through Norway is a truly spellbinding experience!
Our journey starts from the southernmost city in the land of the fjords, which is an ideal place to begin our tour of Norway.


Your Ducato motorhome journey starts from the southernmost part of Norway. From Lillesand, drive 30 km along the beautiful coastline to the city of Kristiansand, which was founded in 1641. Did you know that this is the nearest Norwegian port to Denmark?

Leave your motorhome in one of the local parking areas and venture into the old town centre, especially the neighbourhood of Posebyen, where you can admire the Gothic-style cathedral dating back to 1880 and the city's art museum, the Sørlandets Kunstmuseum. Don’t miss the colourful Fish Market, which will delight you with its restaurants and characteristic canals.

But we are only at the beginning of our itinerary... after spending a day taking in the area’s history and tradition, get back on board your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome and prepare to visit one of the most enchanting viewpoints in southern Norway!


Take the E39 in the direction of FV460 and keep going until you get to Lindesnes... you have just reached your second destination!

Have you heard of the South Cape of Norway? You've just arrived there! It is home to the Lindesnes Lighthouse, a real gem that you should definitely visit once you reach the southernmost part of Norway.

Here you can immerse yourself in the colours and unspoiled natural beauty of Norway, all from a stunning vantage point! You will be surrounded by the spectacular sight of cliffs, fjords and boundless coastline, the perfect reward for making this visit in your Ducato motorhome.


It's time to get back on board, at least for a while! Follow the E39 and Fv509 roads for four and a half hours to reach your third stopover, the city of Stavanger.

Renowned for its medieval charm and the distinctive landscape of the fjords, it is a beautiful city... and also one of Norway's oldest settlements. Leave behind the chaotic modern districts and linger in the old town centre, which is famous for its numerous wooden houses dating back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Spend the second half of your stopover in Stavanger visiting one of the most popular fjords. You will find Lysefjord just 15 km from the city. There you can experience the magic of the fjords to the full by visiting the Preikestolen, a cliff over 600 meters high that offers a breathtaking vista, and the Kjeragbolten, a huge boulder wedged in the crevasse of the Kjerag mountain, which you can climb by following one of the hiking trails.


Fasten your seatbelts again and let’s head for Bergen! Take the E39 and follow it to the Spangereidveien/Fv460.

Known as the capital of the fjords, Bergen is also Norway's second largest city. Its biggest highlight? The straits that creep inland from the coast to produce spectacular panoramas.
Get ready to take some stunning snapshots in the county of Hordaland, in the Vestlandet (Western Norway) region. The city of Bergen is a gateway to the fjords of Norway and is famous for its views of verdant green mountains set against clear blue waters and sky.

Even more spectacular than the wonderful fjords (although it’s a close contest) are the views from Mount Ulriken, another major attraction of the area.
If you want to be swept away by the beauty of Mount Ulriken after your visit to the fjords, return to the city centre, from where you can take a bus and then a cable car. Climb to the top to enjoy the vista and see the Norwegian Sea in the distance.

If your hunger for adventure is still not satisfied — fear not! Norway has plenty more wonders to discover. Need ideas for your next holiday destination? Why not take a trip to North Cape, in your Fiat Ducato motorhome obviously!


Parking and Camping Sites
Here are some of the service points and rest areas available at your Norwegian stopovers:

- Shell Fidjane Service Area Located just outside Kristiansand, this service area offers one of the few free motorhome service points in the area. Contact: +4738032770

- Lindesnes Lighthouse Parking Area If you are visiting the lighthouse, this open space makes the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet and peaceful break. Contact: +4738255420

- Stavanger Camping Situated on the bank of Lake Mosvatnet, the site offers a large terrace with parking spaces and power outlets. It is located just 25 minutes’ walk from the city centre. Contact: +4751532971

- Bergen Camping Car Convenient for reaching the centre of Bergen, this site offers electrical hook-ups, Wi-Fi and a small internet café in the reception area. Contact: +4755248808