21 FEB 2024



To offer the most suitable solution for every need, the Ducato motorhome base vehicle is available with either a manual or an automatic gearbox. The choice of manual or automatic is very personal: for example, more and more drivers are accustomed to their car’s automatic transmission and don't want to give up this assistance when driving a motorhome.

Manual gearbox: yesterday’s innovation, today’s benefits
The manual gearbox is available in combination with the various powers of the Multijet3 engine. A six-speed gearbox plus reverse, it has a dry single-plate clutch and hydraulic release device. It is designed to optimise torque and power distribution by adapting to the needs of the motorhome driver, while offering an automotive setting. Throughout its long career, Ducato has always proved innovative, from all points of view: the model that appeared in 1994 added a new gear lever positioned on the dashboard, which left the central aisle between the two seats free. A significant advantage, it helped to create a new generation of motorhomes with the cab perfectly integrated into the passenger compartment and the option of rotating the front seats, which become an integral part of the living area.

Automatic gearbox: a comfortable drive
The automatic gearbox is available in combination with the 140 and 180-hp engines. It was one of the main new features launched with the Ducato Model Year 2021. It optimises engine torque compared to the manual gearbox and makes the engine work more efficiently by optimising fuel consumption. The traditional clutch has been replaced by a modern torque converter that allows for comfortable and efficient gear changes: automatic transmission makes driving a Ducato-based motorhome a pleasant and relaxing experience.
In heavy traffic, in and out of town, automatic transmission means drivers can travel effortlessly, leaving their left leg at rest and keeping both hands on the steering wheel at all times. In Drive mode, the gearbox automatically adjusts the driving conditions to various speed, load and slope situations. In specific conditions, such as on challenging slopes, you can switch to Autostick mode to maintain a lower gear and improve performance.
Another very handy feature is the drive mode selector, with its button conveniently located next to the gear lever. Three drive modes are available, including POWER, ideal for fully laden journeys and overcoming steep climbs.

Manual or automatic transmission, Ducato always offers the best solution. All you need to do is choose and set off in your motorhome.