22 JAN 2024



Work and motorhomes: can they go together? Yes certainly, a Ducato-based motorhome can become a perfect base that enables you to work practically anywhere, becoming your office and temporary home at the same time. In recent years, the opportunities for “working while you travel” and smart working have greatly increased: on the one hand, the concept of remote working has really taken off, while on the other, the digitisation of the workplace has become an integral part of today's world. This digital transformation has changed the way we live and work: we are constantly connected to the Internet, many of the documents we read are in digital format and we use video calls to communicate with people all over the world. Working remotely and travelling has never been easier.

Smart working, wherever you want

With a motorhome you can therefore work remotely wherever you like, relocating to follow your professional commitments or indulge your wanderlust. Need to attend a trade fair in Frankfurt? Simply drive there in your motorhome and experience that fascinating corner of Germany. Need to meet a client in Barcelona? Just park up your motorhome on the Spanish coast and enjoy a pleasant stay by the sea. And if you don't have commitments in a specific location, you can decide to keep moving around, living and working remotely in your motorhome wherever the desire takes you.

Smart working, reliable power and mobile/Internet connections

If you plan to live and work in your motorhome, you’ll need a reliable mobile Internet connection, so choose your stopping locations wisely, as well as ensuring you have suitable equipment for transferring data. To get the best out of smart working and avoid pitfalls, you will also need to manage your on-board systems well and appreciate the simple comforts that motorhomes can offer. It is essential to always have access to power, both for working in your motorhome and living a comfortable life on the road. By staying on a campsite pitch with a 230 V hook-up point, you eliminate this worry. The best equipped campsites also have Wi-Fi, so you won’t need to use as much mobile data. However, not all rest stops are equipped for motorhomes or offer 230 V mains power, so weigh up which solution best meets your needs.

Smart working, reliable power and mobile/Internet connections

You can, however, enjoy total autonomy working remotely and travelling in a motorhome, without having to connect to an external power source. All motorhomes are equipped with a 12 V leisure battery that enables you to operate onboard lighting and various utilities (a water pump, for example). You can also convert the 12 V DC supply from the batteries into 230 V AC output by installing an inverter. To recharge your laptop and mobile device you can also use a portable power station, which is a rechargeable energy source that supplies 230 V power. However, if you want maximum autonomy and prefer to avoid using a power generator, you will need to install a lithium battery system in your motorhome, perhaps combined with solar panels secured to the roof: that way you can live freely and independently for days at a time.

All you need for travelling while working remotely is a little technology and... a lot of imagination: your Ducato-based motorhome can be transformed from a home office into a relaxing chillout zone in just a few moments. Plus it enables you to work and holiday at the same time, all year round!