26 MAR 2024


Touring in a motorhome

Renting a Ducato-based motorhome? It’s a great opportunity! It can give you a fun holiday out of the ordinary, enjoying everything a motorhome can offer without committing to buying one. The rental experience might also be useful to understand whether we’ve picked up on “the motorhome vibe”, which can then move us on to buying a vehicle of our own. But where can we rent a motorhome? There are plenty of options, including specialist centres, but there are also lots of motorhome dealers who combine sales with rentals. In low season, it isn't difficult to find a vehicle that’s available, but if you want one in the summer months or during certain holidays, you’ll need to book it in advance.

What kind of motorhome to rent

Rental centres have lots of different kinds of motorhomes, for different numbers of people on board and the kind of holiday we want to take. It’s always essential to consider how many beds are actually available, the number of seats at the table and the number of properly type-approved passenger places.

  1.  Overcab: classic motorhomes with an overcab are perfect for families and large groups because they include plenty of beds, sometimes as many as seven. However, it's useful to make sure you know how to make up the beds. In general, only four are always available, with the others to be set up by converting the seats at the table into additional berths.
  2.  Semi-integrated or low-profile: these have a more dynamic form than overcabs, with no bed above the cab. They are suitable for two, because they offer a large sleeping area in the back (with a double bed or two singles). However, they can also work for three or four people when a retractable double bed is added in the front.
  3.  Motorhomes or integrated models: less commonly found in the rental sector, they are similar to semi-integrated vehicles, with more space inside. Actually, the cab is the same width as the living pod, so the retractable bed has a smaller footprint when pulled down.
  4.  Camper vans: the same small size as a van, but set up like a full motorhome. There is limited space inside, often with only two berths in the passenger compartment, although in some cases they have another two retractable beds.

Overcabs, semi-integrated models and motorhomes used for rental are usually around 7 metres long. It isn't difficult to drive them, and a standard driving licence is usually enough to. Even so, caution is required, especially to begin with when getting used to the larger size of the vehicle. On the other hand, camper vans are about 6 metres long, sometimes even less, making them easy to drive, handle on the road and park.

How much does it cost to rent a motorhome?

The cost of rental doesn’t only depend on how many days you use the vehicle, but also on other factors such as when you're renting the motorhome: it's more expensive to in high season, but costs less when it's quieter. The price also depends on the type of vehicle you choose: the important points are the number of beds and the vehicle category (basic, mid-range or luxury). The daily rate is often based on the distance you expect to drive. It costs less if you keep to 100-150 km per day, but more if going for “unlimited mileage”. All-inclusive “weekend packages” are also available, with enough mileage for a short break. If you don't have an exact idea of how far you want to drive, opt for the unlimited mileage package. Rental companies usually require customers choose this scheme in high season, when a minimum rental period (e.g. two weeks) can also be requested. Promotions and discounts for specific rental periods can be found online.

What is and isn’t included

The rate includes motorhome rental and a range of insurance protection. However, there might be a minimum contribution in the event of damage to or theft of the vehicle, for which a deposit may be required. Accessories are sometimes available on request at an extra cost, e.g. a kit with pots and pans, tables and chairs, a bed kit (sheets and blankets), satnav, etc. You usually need to pay separately for any transfer services from an airport or train station. A surcharge may be levied for final cleaning of the vehicle and for the gas cylinder.

With spring on its way, the motorhome rental season is back. They are great solutions for people looking for a fun holiday full of adventure, but also for those interested in finding out more about a motorhome when thinking about buying one.