19 FEB 2024



When we go on holiday with our Ducato-based motorhome, we have four parking options to choose from: campsites, service areas, motorhome stopovers and parking areas. Campsites offer a wide range of services, but the growing popularity of motorhomes over the last few decades has led to an increase in the number of simple stopovers and service areas.

Service areas for motorhomes

A motorhome service area is an open area designed specifically for parking motorhomes, with access to various facilities and services. It is a facility run by a private entity or public body. Although service areas may not offer all the amenities and comforts of a campsite, a space is allocated to each motorhome; these areas have lighting and are often fenced off. Sometimes there is a caretaker present, while at other times there is an automatic gate at the entrance. Service areas for motorhomes have a dedicated area for filling up with fresh water and emptying the grey water tank and toilet cassette. In many cases, service areas have a toilet block with toilets, washbasins and showers. You will also find a few electric power points for connection to the mains (230V), and there may be a vending machine or even a café. Some areas have children’s playgrounds, picnic tables and even a swimming pool... It is cheaper to stop at a service area for motorhomes than at a campsite. Campsites usually charge a fee per pitch plus a fee per person, while equipped areas usually charge a flat rate per pitch.

Simple stopovers

Not all stopovers for motorhomes are equipped with facilities and services. These areas are specifically designed for parking motorhomes, but offer only basic facilities, such as an area for filling and emptying tanks. These areas are either free of charge or subject to charges, and parking permits are usually valid for a day or two.

Parking areas for motorhomes

In most European countries, motorhomes are treated like cars, so they can be parked anywhere unless there are specific restrictions (each town or city has its own rules, so it is always advisable to check first). Motorhomes can be parked in normal car parks, but always bear in mind that motorhomes are larger. Some pay parking areas charge more for motorhomes because they take up more space. Public parking areas don’t offer any facilities for motorhomes, so you won’t find areas for filling and emptying tanks or charging points for electric vehicles. There are many different places to park: in the city, in nature parks and near beaches.

Where can we park our Ducato-based motorhome? There are various parking options, from free parking areas to service areas with all kinds of services, so that everyone can choose where they want to spend their leisure time.