13 NOV 2019



The town of witches in Liguria, the world of ice giants in Austria, the wells of Quinta da Regaleira in Portugal: here are some unusual destinations for your next tour!

Motorhome owners: are you looking forward to getting away in your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome, but can’t decide where to go?

Here are three magical and offbeat places worth visiting on one of your next road trips!



Let's start in Italy! An enchanting hill town set in the Ligurian mountains is waiting to envelop you in mystery. We are in Triora, the town of witches.

It was here in 1587 that Italy’s largest ever witch trial was held.

Home to just over 300 inhabitants and featuring a historic centre with a maze of alleyways and cobbled streets, the town of Triora will enchant you with its ambiance and legends.

The citadel is located in the hinterland of Arma di Taggia, in the province of Imperia. It can be reached by taking the A10 towards Ventimiglia, if you are already in Italy.

Before leaving the town, don't forget to try the famous pane di Triora, an unmissable local specialty. Since 1952, the Asplanato family bakery has produced 1 tonne of this famous bread every day and distributes it throughout Liguria and Piedmont.

In short, and you’ll find magic and tradition if you stop your Ducato motorhome in this unusual town!


We continue onwards to Austria, specifically the Ice Caves of Werfen. After parking your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome, you can reach the caves using the country's steepest cable car.

Known as Eisriesenwelt ("World of the Ice Giants"), this cave labyrinth is around 42 km long.

A guided tour takes 75 minutes, but just to be on the safe side, plan to be there for at least 3 hours because you’ll need to walk from the car park to the cave and back again, including a cable car ride in both directions.

In short, spending half a day in this enchanted place, formed naturally over millions of years, will leave you speechless — not to mention breathless, after all that walking!

Ready to go?

The cave’s imposing entrance, 20 metres wide and 18 metres high, is waiting to welcome you inside.

It’s definitely a place that children will love too!


Quinta da Regaleira is a rural estate shrouded in mystery.

We have arrived in Sintra, Portugal.

We leave our Fiat Ducato-based motorhome and enter the town’s historic centre.

Here, near the Seteais Palace, lies the four-hectare Regaleira estate containing a palace, caves, gardens and ponds.

Since 1995 this has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due in part to its wonderfully bizarre spiral staircase wells.

According to legend, these wells were built for secret ceremonial purposes and create a very enigmatic setting.

The larger one is called the Initiation Well and has nine platforms—evoking Dante’s Hell, Purgatory and Paradise—with a tiled floor at the bottom depicting a Knights Templar cross. The smaller one, called the Unfinished Well, is formed by a single straight staircase and the number of steps is based on Masonic principles.

If you love places full of mystery, this is definitely one that you won't forget in a hurry.

And, after visiting the estate, you will be able to discover the extravagantly decorated palaces, castles and all the wonderful sights of Sintra.

Enjoy a memorable day out before returning to your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome and preparing for exciting new destinations.

Ready for a magical holiday?

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