16 OCT 2020



It’s a time when often it seems that the whole world has "stopped", remaining on "pause"... but the desire to rediscover new itineraries and to travel - always in maximum safety - has never disappeared.

We are now carefully departing again, step by step, regaining our dimension as travellers... and Fiat Professional has also restarted, this time by launching the communication campaign "The journey is my home", a hymn to the desire in each of us to start again, to travel and thrill to the most valuable thing: freedom, on the road as well. Over ten million users have been reached thanks to the launch of the campaign on Fiat Professional’s social channels Instagram, Facebook and YouTube an important milestone that confirms even more clearly how deep is the desire to discover unexplored roads, without sacrificing the comfort and safety of home.
With Fiat Professional, the surprises never end! In September the Group played a lead role in various important international exhibitions, including Düsseldorf and Parma: always remaining close to its customers and suppliers, because as the social campaign says, “we said we’ll do it” and “we are doing it, together.”
Social media have been ideal channels for comparing things with many people throughout the summer period, but also as a way to stay in touch and motivate each other to do what campervan spirits do best: adapting to situations and finding the best solutions!
In addition to its social media activities, Fiat Professional also continues to produce its newsletters: its travel itineraries, tips on do-it-yourself and curiosities from the RV world are never lacking, helping campervan drivers from all over the world to make the most of their Fiat Ducato-based motorhome.
Fiat Professional aims to forge this bond with you through social channels, inviting all travellers to interact with the brand, sharing images through the hashtag #FIATDUCATOCAMPER and ideas on how to further improve their maintenance, their routes and their experiences on a Ducato base.

We send you our best wishes for a future full of freedom, adventure and travel on Fiat Ducato-based dream vehicles... Bon voyage, campers one and all!