13 JUL 2023



The summer holidays are approaching and you have everything ready to enjoy wonderful trips on board your Ducato-based motorhome. But when it is time to leave, even the most experienced motorhome owners will wonder whether they have everything they need on board. To avoid forgetting anything important, you might want to make a list of essentials.

Start by checking your vehicle documents (the motorhome’s registration certificate) and the documents of all persons travelling with you, including the driving licence of those who will be driving, and remember to check that they have not expired.
We also recommend having on board (and learning how to use) the owner’s manual and the maintenance manual, both that of the mechanical structure of the Ducato base and that of the motorhome set-up.

Minor maintenance
While not everyone is required to know how to tinker with complex vehicle parts, it is also true that there should always be a toolbox on board: a slotted screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver, a small screwdriver for precision work in confined spaces, a medium-sized hammer, a small hammer (in case you need to drive pegs into the ground), pliers, and a cutter, plus a few nails and wood screws. Let’s also add some fast-setting adhesive, strong duct tape, and electrical tape. And since interior lighting might stop working, it’s a good idea to take some spare lamps with you too.

Essentials in rest stops
There are things you should never take out of our motorhome, since life on board can be challenging without them. For instance, a rubber hose for filling the tank with water and an electric cable for connecting to the mains as well as specific adapters when travelling abroad. Additionally, you will need to take toilet fluids or powders, and a special spanner to connect and disconnect the gas cylinder from the pressure regulator. You should also keep levelling ramps on board, of course, as well as any rods and cranks (if present) for raising and lowering the awning, for the parking jacks, and for raising the bed above the load compartment. It is also always useful to have a spirit level with you to ensure your motorhome is levelled perfectly.

And much more...
It is always a good idea to also keep a small supply of commonly used medicines on board, particularly if you are travelling abroad in countries where trade names may be different. Make sure you also take all the medicines you need on board, in case you have to take specific medication. Plasters, gauzes, and a disinfectant are a must.
As a general rule, you should take with you a set of spare keys of the vehicle and of the front door, if they are separate keys, plus the keys of hatches, if there are any. You should also not forget to take with you a portable battery-operated torch, reading glasses, if necessary, and smartphone chargers. Naturally, make sure you bring the basics: sleeping bags (or sheets and blankets), pillows, a tarp to be placed underneath the awning (on pitches with a grass or soil base), and perhaps even a small battery-operated hoover.

Travelling with your Ducato-based motorhome should always be a wonderful opportunity for you to explore the world: having a checklist can help you enjoy the journey even more.