14 JUL 2023



With the introduction of the Ducato motorhome base vehicle Model Year 2021, alloy wheels are widely used on such vehicles and have transformed the look of the exterior of the latest motorhomes. Elegant, harmonious and technological, the alloy wheels of the Ducato are one of the distinguishing features of modern motorhomes that follow the latest trends.

Three types of alloy wheels are offered for the Ducato-based motorhomes.
For the Heavy versions of the Ducato, 16-inch alloy wheels are available, with a special shape that creates a dynamic star pattern. This shape is further enhanced by the use of two different colours: the central part is dark, while the edges are bright grey.

Two 16-inch alloy wheel models are available for the more widely used Ducato Light. In fact, for the Ducato Light, a two-colour solution is also offered, with a ten-spoke pattern: the outermost part is grey and aluminium, whereas the rest is black. A simple, sleek design that is both elegant and dynamic.

Alternatively, for the Ducato Light, the 16-inch alloy wheels are also available in a black version. The design is exactly the same, but the outer part is darker to give the vehicle a more aggressive look.
Therefore, besides high-tech equipment, Ducato also offers aesthetically pleasing solutions, including alloy wheels that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the motorhome.