17 FEB 2021



Italy, a miracle of history, culture, art and breathtaking landscapes, offers all kinds of travellers the opportunity to experience fascinating and unforgettable experiences. Today we are going to discover Tuscany, home of Dante Alighieri and land of iconic monuments such as the Tower of Pisa, to discover its wonders, but also its more adventurous aspects. Ready to go? Start the engine!

Florence, the ever youthful city

The journey simply has to start from here, the regional capital and one of the most unforgettably extraordinary cities in Italy, and indeed worldwide. This city was the cradle of countless great figures who have left their footsteps on history, such as the De 'Medici family, who began the Renaissance in the 15th century, and Dante Alighieri, father of the Italian language and of one of the greatest masterpieces ever written.
Florence means history, but also art: don’t miss exploring the Uffizi Galleries, one of the most stunning galleries in the world, or a visit to the Duomo, a building that vibrates with beauty inside and out, thanks also to its amazing dome, built by Brunelleschi.
You will soon realize that Florence is a city that looks ahead to the future and to young people and so, walking through its alleys in the historic centre, between a Renaissance palace and a plaque in memory of some genius of the past, you will be immersed in a flood of university students from all over the world.
In other words, Florence, one of the great cities of Italy, has a dynamic energy... like those who choose to travel aboard a Fiat Ducato-based motorhome!

Pisa, the architectural jewel

Let's get back on board and leave for another legendary city, and the wonders of Pisa! We all know the leaning tower, a one-off architectural miracle, to which the city owes its fame throughout the world. But Pisa is not only its Tower: the Piazza dei Miracoli consisting of the Tower, the Baptistery and the Cathedral, with the whole historic centre, transport us to the past, amazed by the mediaeval spell that fills every corner, alley and restaurant.
While we lose ourselves in the beauty unique to this territory, let's not forget to take a few hours to relax and allow ourselves a visit to the nearest spas: we happy campervan lovers adore adventure, it's true, but we also know that a little rest can recharge us and leave us even more hungry for stimulation!

Lucca, city of mediaeval walls and bicycles

Lucca is another once in a lifetime town... It is the only Italian city that still preserve its medieval walls intact today, and these allow you to observe the city from above, travelling along their battlements on foot or by bicycle! Its walls are accessible to all, and their wonderful paths and walks have now become an integral part of any visit to this gem of a city. Leaving the walls, head towards Piazza San Michele, where the church of the same name dates back to the year 1000, but blends a thousand-year history with its vocation as a meeting point for young people. Or visit Piazza Napoleone, with its Palazzo Ducale (now the seat of the province of Lucca), and the Teatro Giglio, where operas, music festivals and special events are staged. Have you fallen in love with this hidden inland gem? Hard to resist. But now it's time to go... on the road again!

The Tuscan Territories

Back on board your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome, you’re ready to go... anywhere?! The beauty of Tuscany is just that: full of wonderful cities, unique stories, traditions that can enchant and be explored, but an equally true miracle lies in its natural landscape, wild, imposing and above all alive, authentic, capable of integrating ancient walls with a green so vivid that it feels like you’re in a painting. You can get lost along the coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea and observe the waves, or go for long walks on the hills inland, or even relax in the warm thermal waters that can be found almost everywhere. Or else, eyes wide open and let's get amazed by the landscapes that we see sliding majestically by, outside the windows of our Fiat Ducato-based campervan!

Have you updated your travel wishlist? May all your travels be magical!