10 AUG 2021



Who among motorhome owners doesn’t enjoy a relaxing break now and then? Switzerland is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a few days of peace and tranquillity. So, let's jump aboard our Ducato-based motorhome and set out to discover this mesmerising country.


How about a few days of fresh air on the lakeside? Our itinerary starts from Montreux, one of the towns overlooking Lake Geneva and famous for the Montreux Jazz Festival, among other things. So, if you love jazz, plan a visit in July when the event takes place… you won't be disappointed. Did you know? Freddie Mercury also participated in the festival and loved the town so much that he ended up making it his second home!
But let's talk about history: a tour through the old part of the city is a must. Also visit the islet just off the lake shore that houses the wonderful Castle of Chillon: built in medieval times, it is one of the most popular attractions in all of Switzerland! And if you are a wine lover, take the opportunity to tour the area’s magnificent vineyards.
Then, after a restful night, you can hop back aboard your Ducato motorhome and head for the next destination!


Next we drive our Ducato along the A9 until we reach Lausanne.
If you are attracted to thriving commercial hubs that are both people-friendly and dynamic, you will adore this city. It is also a university city, so there are young people everywhere.
In the historic centre you can admire the cathedral, which is one of the most beautiful early Gothic constructions in Switzerland and towers over the skyline.
Did you know? In Lausanne you can ride the only subway in the whole of Switzerland, which connects the inner-city districts to the surrounding hills.
Other things not to miss out on in Lausanne: try regional specialties such as Papet Vaudois, which is cabbage-stuffed sausage with leek gratin.
Then take in a show by the world-famous Béjart Ballet Company.
Ready to go back on the road? Let's hit the tarmac again in our Ducato motorhome!


Here we are, fellow motorhome owners, in the Swiss capital of Bern. The city was built in medieval times and its historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can admire elegant buildings dating back to the 12th century.
There are also arcades, fountains, the clock tower and cathedral... you are sure to be amazed!
Do you know that Einstein spent part of his life in Bern? He moved here in 1902 and was employed as a clerk at the Federal Patent Office.
In the city centre you can visit his house, which has been converted into a museum.
Of course, before leaving Bern you simply must sample its cheeses and become acquainted with its culinary traditions. You can also find excellent handmade confectionery, chocolate bars and raclette!
Now it’s time for the last stage of this itinerary through nature, history and good food.


Our final stopover is truly a place of picture-postcard beauty: Schaffhausen. It is located near the Rhine Falls, which have made this charming medieval town so famous. They are the largest waterfalls in Europe and are partly traversable by boat: the yellow line no.1 rock boat tour (Felsenfahrt) is undoubtedly the standout attraction and offers you a fascinating experience amidst the thundering roar of the plunging water.

It is highly recommended if you are travelling with children... their expressions of delight will more than make up for the arduous stair descent down to the boat jetty!

Now, what’s the next destination on your wishlist? Mull it over as you enjoy the homeward journey aboard your Ducato motorhome!

See you soon, motorhome owners!😊