28 FEB 2020



Now is the time to start planning your spring getaway with Ducato: here are the most inspirational destinations where you can park up and do some stargazing.
Are you just back from a trip in your Ducato motorhome and already dreaming of setting off again? It’s never too early to choose your next destination!

Here are some ideas for leaving with us in the most beautiful season of the year.


What more romantic setting from which to admire the starry sky than the tower of a castle? So, jump aboard your Ducato-based motorhome and let’s head for the Châteaux of the Loire Valley!

The Loire is the largest region in France and is home to around 300 landmark buildings including palaces, fortresses and towers. Among the most famous and visited are the Château Royal de Blois, the Château de Chambord, the Château de Chenonceau, the Château d'Amboise, the Château du Clos Lucé (where Leonardo da Vinci once resided), the Château de Cheverny, and the Château de Villandry and its gardens.
The quality of the region’s architectural heritage has earned the Loire Valley a place in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

As well as magnificent residences, the Loire Valley also offers magnificent views and landscapes of exceptional beauty, some of which are designated as regional and national nature reserves. But besides its historic architecture and romantic atmosphere, the Loire is also the perfect destination for wine lovers.
In a nutshell, no traveller will leave this place disappointed! Round up your motorhome friends and family, this enchanting country awaits you.


You may have the impression that Scotland is a cold and inhospitable country, but this land of wilderness and mountainous landscapes, dotted with glacial valleys and lakes, becomes bathed in sunshine during spring.

As early as May, the days seem never-ending and when twilight finally arrives, it is just a long sunset that gives way to sunrise the next morning, with a red sky and the sun’s fiery light fading over the sea.
A country of festivals, castles, abbeys, lakes, waterfalls and rivers, as well as mountain hamlets and fishing villages, Scotland will not fail to amaze you. Its main cities are the capital Edinburgh, with its iconic castle perched on a hill, and Glasgow, famous for its lively cultural scene.
During springtime in Scotland, everything seems to come back to life: there are dazzling profusions of rhododendrons and gorse, rutting mountain animals and orcas migrating majestically from the North Sea to the Atlantic.
Not to mention whales and dolphins frolicking just off the coast, while flocks of seabirds nest on sheer cliffs above white beaches and a sea that rivals the Caribbean.
Imagine touring in your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome with this vista at your doorstep.
The views you will enjoy through the windows of your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome are guaranteed to take your breath away!


Medieval castles, Gothic churches, fortified cities, forests, woods and villages hidden between the Carpathians and the sea. You will find all this and much more in Romania, a destination that definitely deserves to be added to your springtime bucket list!

Amid the forests of Transylvania you will find all the peace and darkness you need to enjoy a wonderful spectacle in the sky. Stop your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome and look up at the endless firmament full of stars that will light up your journey!
While visiting Romania you cannot miss out on a trip to Sighișoara, a small medieval city and one of the most fascinating such places in Transylvania, with a historic centre that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
But don't fall under the spell of the picturesque cobbled streets and the wonderfully coloured houses that line them: this place is rumoured to be one of the most haunted cities in the world, as well as the home of Vlad the Impaler, otherwise known as Dracula!
Will fear or curiosity get the better of you? You’re an intrepid traveller, don’t dash back home just yet! After visiting Sighișoara, climb back into your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome and continue exploring this wild land.

Starry skies and breathtaking landscapes are just around the corner... so start up the engine! Happy travels on board your Fiat Ducato motorhome.