30 SEPT 2019



If you can’t resist the call of wild and pristine landscapes, then prepare to leave for a country that will truly conquer you!
The Scottish highlands will offer you a unique experience thanks to the countless breathtaking panoramas you can admire from your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome.
From Glasgow to Edinburgh, to the stunning landscapes of the Highlands: get ready for an unforgettable journey in the heart of Scotland with your Ducato Motorhome.


Let’s begin our journey in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. Over the last 10 years Glasgow has reinvented and enhanced itself: from gastronomy to museum collections, Glasgow will fill you with the necessary energy to tackle all the stages of this itinerary between nature, history and culture!
The Cathedral, founded in the 7th century, has been transformed and enlarged over the years, passing from a tiny chapel to the majestic Gothic structure which you can still admire today. A curiosity? Legend has it that in the Lower Church, the altar covers the sepulchre of St. Mungo, the patron saint of Glasgow. After a walk around the Gothic spires of the Cathedral, don’t miss a visit to the Saint Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, and the Provand’s Lordship, a building dating back to 1471, considered the oldest in the entire city.
Did you know that Glasgow is home to the largest collection in the world originally owned by a single person? The person was Sir William Burrell, a shipping magnate, who collected about 8,000 items, later donated to the city of Glasgow. So head to Pollok Country Park, where Burrell’s eccentric collection, in Pollok House, has everything from Etruscan terracottas to Greek sculptures to Flemish portraits. And after this art exertion, relax in the beautiful park... our visit is not yet finished!
Feel like a bit of science, combined with futuristic tastes and an interactive presentation? The place for you is the Glasgow Science Centre! Here you will find over 300 attractions including tactile workshops, the Planetarium and an Imax maxi-screen with a 12,000 Watt system!
If your visit to the first Scottish stop has thrilled you, don’t leave Glasgow before enjoying the Scottish national dish: Haggis. This is a particular kind of sheep offal sausage, traditionally served with turnips and potatoes.
When it’s time to leave, return to your Fiat Ducato-based Campervan. Next destination? Edinburgh!
Follow the M8 towards Calder Rd / A71 and take the A71 exit. From here follow the Approach Road and the A7 towards Waterloo PI / A1.


And here you are in Edinburgh, one of the most magical cities in the UK! Don't worry if you immediately feel you’ve entered a living postcard: this is the effect that Scotland’s capital has on most visitors! Camper fans, are you ready for the beauty of this picturesque city?
Here’s an imperative: plan to start your tour with the world famous Edinburgh Castle! As you walk along Princess Street, you can admire the city’s main gardens. It all seems irresistibly picturesque: time for smartphones and cameras? Either way, relish the view from the Castle!
More breathtaking views of the city can be had from Calton Hill: here you can also visit the Nelson Monument and the National Monument, an "unfinished" panoramic acropolis. Continue your visit, walking around Holyrood Park and Arthur's Seat, the inactive volcano that constitutes the highest point in the city. Want a break from nature?
Visit the small village of Duddlingston, a gem known for its nature reserve and picturesque little lake. Here you can enjoy an excellent Scottish beer and relax in front of the beautiful countryside: the doors of the oldest pub in Scotland "The Sheep Heid Inn", dating from 1360, are always open and ready to let you explore it.
If you have enjoyed the countryside around Edinburgh, a visit to Cramond will bring you further pleasure from your second stop in Scotland! Set beside the sea, it features various fortifications dating back to World War 2: if you reach it when the tide is low, a path will lead you straight to a small island. Watch out for the tides... getting stuck on the island isn't unusual in this area!
Back to your Fiat Ducato Campervan! Now take the Leith St / A900 towards Queensferry Rd / A90 and follow the M90 and A9. Exit at the A96 and continue on Millburn Road/B865, until you arrive at your destination!


Here is our third stop, Inverness! If you have always dreamed of travelling in the Highlands, this is its capital!
Considered a strategic point for all the destinations in the mountainous region of Scotland, it will be your base to visit the river area and then continue to the more famous Loch Ness area.
The castle that dominates the city, Inverness Castle, is among the more recent in the region: it was built in the mid-19th century to replace a previously destroyed medieval castle. Although not open to visitors, it is among the most attractive points of interest in the city! Then go uphill and admire the majestic view of eclectic Inverness.
If the history of the Vikings and the Picts appeals to you, don't miss the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, a cultural treasure, before continuing on to the city's oldest street, Church Street.
But your stop in Inverness need not be confined within the city limits: nearby gleams the Moray Firth, a triangular fjord-like bay, where groups of dolphins frequently show off before the high tide. If you don't want to miss this show, go to the most beautiful point, Kessock Bridge, about a kilometre away from Inverness, or opt for a spectacular boat ride.
And speaking of boats... you are very close to a tour around one of the most famous lakes in the world... Loch Ness!
Get back on board and take Charles Street and Kingsmills Road towards Southside Road. Then follow the B862 until it joins the B852.


We’re sure that your host, Nessie, will secretly welcome you... But don’t worry: the monster hasn’t been sighted for decades!
Legend has it that, after an initial sighting in the 5th century by an Irish monk, the monster was next mentioned in the 16th century, when it was mentioned by Hector Boece in his "History of Scotland" as a "terrible beast". It was only in 1933 that a couple sitting on the shores of the lake reported that they had seen the monster. This story has since been repeated frequently over the years, with alleged sightings multiplying. We can’t therefore guarantee that you will see the gigantic long-necked marine reptile... but if in doubt, keep your eyes wide open!
We can, however, guarantee that you will see the magnificent lake, set in a superb natural landscape, with the ruins of Urquhart castle, near Drumnadrochit. The original castle dates back to the 12th century, with stone walls replacing the original wooden building in the 14th century. In the 16th century, King James IV donated it to John Grant of Freuchie. The latter commissioned enlargement work, but in the17th century the castle was burned down, leaving in its place the romantic ruins you’ll see today.
Next, head south along the road to Spean village. Here you will find a beautiful old bridge, an ideal point to start your walk in the Glen Roy Nature Reserve, with its "Parallel Roads", i.e. the terraced landscape sculpted during the Ice Age.
Scottish wonders yet to be discovered thanks to your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome don’t end here: remember to book your campsites, especially in the high season, to avoid having nowhere to park at night.

Here are some Camping sites to enjoy during your Scottish travels:

Parking and Camping Sites

Red Deer Village Holiday Park, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Numerous services await you, as well as the basic ones: discover the on-site laundry, the beautiful picnic area and the barbecue area, where you can have your lunch outdoors without any worries.
Contacts: +44 141 779 4159,

Campsie Glen Holiday Park, Fintry, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Areas available for every kind of need, equipped with electricity, fresh water connection, waste water discharge and TV antenna.
Contacts: +44 (0) 1250 878123

Bught Park Caravan Park & Campsite, Inverness, Scotland; just a 15 minutes walk from Inverness Castle and the city centre. Bught Park boasts three stars from the Highlands of Scotland Tourist Board!
Contacts: +44 (0)1463 236920,

Bunchrew Caravan Park Ltd, Bunchrew, Inverness, Scotland. Take advantage of the many activities available in this area, including climbing, water sports, bike tours... this Caravan park will provide you with advice on the kind of outdoor activities you’re interested in.
Contacts: +44 1463 237802

Mortonhall Caravan & Camping Park, Edinburgh, Scotland. Just four miles from the heart of Edinburgh, combining the tranquillity of the countryside with the attractions of the city.
Contacts: +44 131 664 1533, mortonhall@meadowhead.co.uk

Loch Ness Shores Camping and Caravanning Club Site, Inverness, Scotland. After visiting the lake, relax in this camp site, among the most peaceful in the area: perfect for starting long walks and admiring the surrounding landscape in total relaxation!
Contacts: +44 1456 486333

Loch Ness Bay Camping, Drumnadrochit, Scotland; if you're staying in Loch Ness, Loch Ness Bay Camping is perfect for visiting Urquhart Castle, just a 15-minute walk from the camping site.
Contacts: +44 1456 450544