06 APR 2022



Motorhomes and sport: a winning combo and a long-standing partnership. And yet, many people don’t fully appreciate the benefits of this successful symbiosis. So let's discover the advantages that a motorhome can offer to anyone who practises sport of any kind and at any level. Accompanying us on this short journey is the Ducato, the most popular base for motorhome builders and the one most loved by motorhome owners.

Over the years, many a Ducato-based motorhome has parked up beside racetracks and competition venues, faithfully accompanying their owners as they participate in professional or amateur sporting events. Motorhomes help sportspeople by fulfilling three main functions. Firstly and most obviously, they enable people to get to race venues, because motorhomes are a form of transport much like a car, providing four or five seats and in some cases as many as seven. But in addition to transporting people, they can also carry sports equipment — and that's the game-changer.

Sport, family and... the motorhome

No less important is the fact that a motorhome provides cheap, convenient accommodation near to sport events. That means you have somewhere to sleep and eat the night before a race, as well as somewhere to rest up and take a shower afterwards. Participants often prefer to set up base right next to the venue, because more often than not, the closest hotel might be several kilometres away. After all, sport is much more than Premier League football or Formula 1 racing. Fortunately, sport comes in all shapes and sizes and allows people of all abilities and interests to practice the most disparate disciplines. And let’s not forget, it is not just athletes who go to sporting events, but their families too. That is why a motorhome is handy for getting everyone to their destination and enabling families to stay together during major competitions. We’re not just talking about serious professional athletes, but also young children who are taking part in their first ever sports meet.

Travelling accommodation, with garage

There are various types of motorhomes and all of them can adapt to the needs of people who do sports. Over the course of 40 years, Ducato has kept evolving and today offers many solutions for motorhome construction, from a small van measuring just over 5 metres long to a large 8-metre motorhome. The large motorhome offers extremely comfortable living spaces, just like home, with separate living and sleeping areas. Conversely, a camper van conversion has the advantage of being agile and manageable, while offering a reasonably sized living area and a load compartment that can be very spacious and even height-adjustable. Some sports don't require bulky equipment, whereas others do. To transport voluminous sports gear you need a large load compartment, which in motorhome owner jargon is called a garage and is big enough to accommodate bikes or even a scrambler motorcycle, for example.
The motorhome is the perfect travel companion for surfers or windsurfers, as well as a faithful ally for those who prefer underwater activities. What’s more, a Ducato-based motorhome can be equipped with a tow hook for towing a trailer. There are trailers specially designed for transporting horses, gliders, canoes and racing motorcycles of various kinds. In some cases, a driving licence with a category E entitlement is required to drive a motorhome with a trailer, whereas in other cases a normal category B licence is sufficient (trailers up to 750 kg). 

Ultimately, there are many possible solutions for turning your Ducato into the perfect sports motorhome.