23 NOV 2023



When travelling, the Ducato based motorhome vehicle is always there for us when we need it, and is a trusted companion for enjoyable family holidays.

But how best to plan a motorhome holiday with children? First of all, going on motorhome a trip is great fun for children. The motorhome is a place to discover where children can experience something different. Plus, a motorhome holiday is the ultimate flexible holiday: you don’t have to book, you don’t have to pay cancellation fees, you can leave whenever you want and take a detour when you feel like it... These are undeniable advantages for anyone who has to deal with accommodating children’s needs: school commitments, sports activities, getting sick at the last minute...

However, it is important to plan the trip carefully. For instance, since there is limited space on board, children will also have to choose what to bring, from toys to clothing items. In any case, a motorhome has the added convenience of already having your clothes in wardrobes: there is no need for you to unpack once you have reached your destination.

Child-friendly trips
When travelling from one place to another, short stays are preferable, so that children don’t get too tired. A motorhome is like a home that is always ready and available whenever you stop, so why not take advantage of that? All this becomes easier since the kitchen, bathroom (depending on the type of motorhome) and beds are already inside the motorhome. Having a bathroom on board is a major advantage if you have small children.

You should also keep in mind that when the motorhome is moving, all passengers, including children, must comply with road safety laws and use common sense. Children must be seated in approved child safety seats, which must be secured with seat belts or by using Isofix attachments. The table must be securely fastened, and must not move when approaching a bend or braking. Dangerous objects must not be left on furniture. One might assume that the passenger compartment of a motorhome can be used even while travelling: absolutely not! Children can’t get up to use the toilet and can’t lie on their beds. There are many risks.

In case of unexpected stops, you should always have everything you need on board to cook a meal for the whole family. In order to conveniently use the bathroom, you will need to have a full tank of water.

A motorhome holiday is all about enjoying the health benefits of being in the open air, but it is best to always be prepared for rainy days as well. So don’t forget your books and technological devices: in this way, you can keep your kids entertained when spending a few hours aboard your motorhome.

To conclude, bear in mind that most motorhomes today have a spacious rear load compartment, with plenty of room for stowing pushchairs, prams and high chairs for when you want to have lunch on the veranda. You can also store bicycles in the load compartment, which can be very useful for getting into town when stopover sites are not located nearby, and also particularly convenient for going on day trips.

Going on holiday with your family is easier with a motorhome: plenty of fun for children, lots of healthy fresh air and outdoor activities, and maximum schedule flexibility, as your home on wheels is always equipped to meet your little ones’ needs.