27 NOV 2023



Are you tired of the cold winter weather that is prevalent in most parts of Europe? No problem, all you need to do is hit the road aboard your Ducato-based motorhome and head to warmer destinations. All it takes is one week of mild temperatures and you will be much happier when you return home!

But where can you go? Spain is always a very popular destination: you will find excellent weather along the Mediterranean coast as you go down from Valencia to Alicante and the Murcia area. But if you travel further south with your motorhome, you will get to Andalusia, Spain’s warmest region, which is well-developed both inland and along the coast. From Almeria you can head towards Malaga and Marbella, then on to Gibraltar and up to Tarifa. The Atlantic coast of Spain offers a stunning scenery and the climate is mild, but more humid and rainy. This also applies to the coast of Portugal, which is another popular area for spending the winter in a motorhome.

In winter, you will also find nice weather in Southern Italy, especially in Sicily, but the Campania and Apulia regions also make for interesting destinations. The western part of Liguria is also an option, as it has a milder climate than the rest of Northern Italy. And if you travel further west, the French Riviera also has a pleasant climate.
The Canary Islands, a Spanish territory in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast, is a fascinating destination in winter as well. The ferry ride is expensive, but it can be a good option particularly for those who have plenty of time to spare. A motorhome rental service is available on these islands, so you can even fly there if you prefer. If you don’t mind travelling long distances, the Atlantic coast of Morocco, near Agadir, also provides attractive options for winter stopovers.

Motorhomes and stopover sites
The location is important, but you also need to decide which facilities to use and how to make the most of your motorhome. If you want to park freely, you should check the local regulations. One thing is certain: all major tourist destinations are far less crowded in winter than in summer, so you will have more options for your stay. In order to park freely, a motorhome needs to be equipped to be autonomous for a few days, so you will need to have adequate water, electricity and fuel supplies. Nevertheless, a major advantage of parking in warm locations in winter is that the heating system does not have to work at full capacity all the time. This means that you will be consuming less fuel and electricity (heating systems can consume a lot of electricity).

If you are planning on going on holiday for several days, it is advisable, at least occasionally, to stay at fully-equipped campsites or motorhome parking areas. It is best to check online if there are any parking areas nearby as well as towns or villages and what services they have to offer, such as a drainage pitches and 230 V electricity supply. If possible, try to find out in advance whether the parking area will be crowded: some destinations in certain parts of southern Europe are very popular with motorhome users who like to spend the winter somewhere warm.

As for campsites, the first thing to figure out is which ones are open in winter. Some campsites in southern Italy and Sicily, as well as in the French Riviera, are open in winter, but not that many. You will find many more in southern Spain. The campsites that are open in winter also often have indoor or heated swimming pools.

Would you like to relax in a warm place in winter? With your Ducato-based motorhome, you can travel to places with a mild climate and little rainfall.