05 JUL 2020



Summer is approaching and your wanderlust is growing! This is an unprecedented year and no time to take risks, so organising a summer excursion in your motorhome is a great way to regain your freedom while living safely.

For those of you who are new to the motorhome world, this is a short guide on how best to prepare so that you can enjoy all the convenience offered by a trip with Fiat Ducato. Let’s climb aboard!

Settling in

Just like when you move into a new home, the first step is always to get familiar with your surroundings. So make time to explore the interior of your motorhome and discover all those features that, sooner or later, you’ll be glad you found out about.

Let's start with using and maintaining the toilet and washing facilities; do you know how to perform all the small daily chores necessary for keeping them hygienic and clean? If not, take a look at your four-wheeled friend's service and maintenance manual, which will quickly clear up your many doubts.
Now we come to the gas system: at the very least, you need to be able to open and shut off the gas cylinder by yourself and keep the cooktop spick and span: always remember that good cleaning is important if you want to avoid unpleasant odours and undesirable pests and insects, especially if you’re heading for wilder destinations.

Finally we move onto the living area: do you know about all the hidden features of your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome? Can the seats recline and convert into a bed? Where are the television cables routed, in case you need to access them?
Don’t take anything for granted — spend time acquainting yourself with every nook and cranny of your motorhome. Everything will come in handy one day and when it does, you’ll be thankful that you invested a few moments to find out that it was there.

Size matters

Whether you’re the driver or a passenger, knowing the dimensions of your vehicle (be it a motorbike or lorry) is always essential, not only for safety reasons but also to get the most out of each trip! What’s more, your motorhome is made for exploration and may end up taking you to remote stopovers in far-flung places. It will be your only protection in unfamiliar surroundings, so it’s wise to get a feel for its dimensions before departing.

With that in mind, why not spend a few evenings taking your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome for a spin to practice parking manoeuvres, cornering or even just to get used to the controls and features. Having a thorough command of your vehicle will enable you not only to drive better, but also to fully enjoy the views along the way (while always paying attention to the road ahead) with the peace of mind that you are well and truly prepared for any eventuality. A motorhome isn’t difficult to drive if you regularly uses a car, but never underestimate the increased size, weight and safety distances if you want to ensure a safe journey from departure to arrival.

Room for the bare essentials (and a good deal more)

The beauty of travelling by motorhome, besides the unbeatable freedom of shaping your adventures the way you want them, is being able to take a piece of home with you!
So before setting off, we advise you to stop and think about all those items necessary for facing the adventures that come your way. Have you got all the products you’ll need to sanitise the interior, for example? Did you remember to put a few camping chairs under the bed for you and your travel companions? How about towels? Dishes? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then great, you've prepared everything you need to get going. Now for the best bit: what extra stuff do you want to take with you?

It could be a favourite board game, a console to entertain the kids while on the move (between songs or podcasts on the radio), or even that trusty portable BBQ set that has helped you out on many fun occasions: one of the best things about going on adventures aboard your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome is being able to travel where your mood takes you and with no limits on space (or few at any rate), so you can bring along everything you might want!

This concludes our short guide on how best to prepare for your first motorhome experiences. We hope these tips will help you to better appreciate every second you spend on board... we certainly can't wait to experience that feeling again!