16 mar 2023

A Ducato-based motorhome means travelling safe, but also relaxed and well-informed


Maximum efficiency or maximum pleasure? Climbing aboard, getting behind the wheel and setting off on a motorhome journey must offer both. And a Ducato-based motorhome proves to be a perfect travelling companion, thanks also to the great importance assigned to on-board information and entertainment. State-of-the-art technological solutions have been designed to make the journey safe and relaxing for both driver and passengers. When travelling in a Ducato-based motorhome you are already on holiday, not only because it is relaxing to drive, but also because you can enhance the time you spend on board with various kinds of music and information. The technology on offer assists the driver at all times, the information conveyed is clear and easy to read, and the controls are simple, immediate and intuitive.

Trips that are safe and... great fun

Two types of clusters are available to provide basic information to the driver: the 7-inch fully digital solution is the most advanced, while the 3.5-inch instrument cluster with central digital display efficiently brings together all the required information. The reduced-radius steering wheel, one of Ducato's strengths, ensures increased safety and convenience, hosting many controls, such as those for the sound system controls and the cruise control. Other important controls, such as those for the air conditioning, are prominently placed in the centre of the dashboard, within easy reach. But the screen in the centre is definitely the most advanced driver and passenger interface system. Three types of display are available, all designed to offer clear information and easy use. The 10-inch HD colour touchscreen display allows you to operate the DAB radio, navigation and climate controls. It can also act as an interface to your phone thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technologies, which allow your maps and apps to be mirrored by connecting your smartphone. In addition, images from the rear camera can be viewed on the display, allowing the driver to manoeuvre safely and stress-free when reversing. Also touchscreen, the 7-inch HD colour display is seamlessly integrated into the dashboard: it too offers DAB radio control and it can be connected to your smartphone so that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can provide map and app mirroring. It also offers Bluetooth connection and the possibility of displaying the rear camera images. The 5-inch colour display also manages to provide maximum efficiency with minimum space: it intuitively manages the DAB radio, audio streaming system, Bluetooth connection and rear camera.

Motorhome efficiency and relaxation

The Ducato motorhome cabin also offers charging facilities for various electrical devices. In fact, a special slot for wireless smartphone charging can be provided at the base of the dashboard, under the controls of your automatic climate control. It is also possible to have a 230 V socket for charging devices with up to 150 W power, such as laptops and tablets.
This makes for problem-free trips, because Ducato is designed to assist the driver clearly and quickly with various types of information. But also trips in total relaxation, because the Ducato-based camper is not only an efficient vehicle for safe travel, but also offers a pleasant ride, minute after minute, mile after mile. Once settled in the cabin, both driver and passenger can really enjoy the pleasure of being on board. So enjoy your trip and have fun, because with Ducato the pleasure of a holiday begins as soon as you get on board.