14 mar 2023

Greece in spring


In a motorhome on a quest to discover beautiful landscapes and places rich in history, enjoying the mild climate and moderate tourist influx.

Visiting Greece is an experience we can truly enjoy to the full with our Ducato-based motorhome. And why not choose springtime for this dream trip to Greece? Greece is much quieter in spring, without the crowds of tourists who descend on the country in summer. What's more, winter is over and the temperatures are pleasant, especially on the coasts, but you don't have to put up with the summer heat. And, talking of coasts, Greece has more than its fair share, as well as many islands.

Greece by motorhome

A trip to Greece with our Ducato-based motorhome offers the chance to admire breathtaking landscapes and visit places known for their exceptional historical and artistic value. There are eighteen UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greece, but the country also offers countless smaller sites of great beauty. But Greece is much more than just sea and islands, so we can start our journey from the Meteora, in the northern and innermost part of the country. These are unique rock formations with ancient monasteries built on top. Whether you admire them from below or climb to the top, the Meteora offer a truly awe-inspiring sight.

Athens and Delphi

If your trip is well-organised, even visiting a metropolis like Athens is a possibility in a motorhome. Here, there are many archaeological remains, some of them located in the urban environment. And if the Acropolis of Athens is one of the most visited places in the world, there must be a reason... The Parthenon dominates the city from above and once we come back down we can visit the Plaka, the historic district with a fascinating maze of narrow streets and home to bars and restaurants where you can sample local gastronomic products. Visiting Delphi, on the other hand, allows us to get close to the remains of one of the places sacred to the ancient Greeks, who came here to consult the priestesses of the god Apollo in order to know the future.

travel Greece in Fiat motorhome

From Corinth to the Peloponnese region

Heading south in our Ducato-based motorhome we arrive in the vicinity of the Peloponnese, a large peninsula originally connected to the rest of Greece by a strip of land but which has been cut off by the Corinth Canal since the late 19th century. And it is certainly worth seeking a bird’s eye view of this impressive navigable channel carved into the rock, which connects the Ionian Sea with the Aegean Sea. Corinth is home to the ancient remains of the Doric temple of Apollo as well as the majestic fortress of Acrocorinth, which towers over the city from above. Travelling through the Peloponnese region with our Ducato-based motorhome allows us to visit important archaeological sites and architectural beauties from various eras: the city of Mystras, on the outskirts of ancient Sparta, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as is Mycenae, with its Lion's Gate and the Treasure of Atreus (Agamemnon's tomb). The archaeological site of Olympia has also been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. Other key stops in the Peloponnese region include the city of Nafplio, with its beautiful old town and large fortresses, and the village of Monemvasia, featuring picturesque medieval stone buildings with the sea as their backdrop.

Islands and beaches

But Greece is also made up of islands- In summer they are taken by storm by the tourists while in spring they are decidedly more liveable. It's hard to say which islands are the most beautiful ones, you're spoilt for choice. Just be careful of the roads, which in some places can be a little narrow for a motorhome. The largest of the islands is Crete which, due to its size, offers different types of scenery both on the coast and inland. It is famous for Elafonissi Beach, but let's not forget that Crete also has important historical remains, such as the Palace of Knossos (that of the legendary Minotaur) in Heraklion, which takes us back in time to the Minoan civilisation.

The second largest Greek island is Evia, an island that is so close to the coast that it is connected by two bridges. The Cyclades islands are splendid, but many others also offer interesting cues for a holiday with our Ducato-based motorhome, for example Naxos and Paros. And then there are the Ionian islands of Zakynthos, Lefkas (connected by a bridge) and Kefalonia. The small island of Elafonissos is another one not to be forgotten. Located only a few hundred metres from Pounta in the far south of the Peloponnese region, its white sand and lush green scenery bring back memories of Caribbean beaches.

Journey and stopovers

There are several ways to get to Greece by motorhome. You can go by land, for example via Austria or Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and North Macedonia. The route is long, needless to say, and at certain times there can be queues at the borders. This is why many choose to arrive by sea from Italy, embarking in Ancona or Brindisi, rather than Bari or Venice. The most important ports of arrival are Patras and Igoumenitsa. There are then various connections from mainland Greece to the islands. The main roads are comfortable, while larger motorhomes may find the roads on the islands and in the mountains trickier at times. When it comes to stopovers, consider that areas specifically equipped for motorhomes are not as frequent as in other parts of Europe, but there are several campsites (enquire about the opening period). Free parking is often tolerated (but less than in the past) and permitted by law almost everywhere, but camping with a veranda, tables and chairs is prohibited. The biggest problems can be found in the most touristy places, e.g. at archaeological sites. If you are not sure about accommodation, ask the local residents or the authorities for information. A good solution is to stay near taverns after having dinner: a warm welcome is generally assured.

As for temperatures, in the centre, as well as on the coasts and islands, the lows and highs are normally 12-21 °C, while it is colder in the north (7-18 °C). Athens is a very hot city in summer, so spring is the best time to visit. Bear in mind that in the south and especially on the Aegean islands, the Meltemi, a very strong wind, already starts to blow towards the end of spring. So are the thousands of scenarios that Greece has to offer already working their magic? Well then, get your Ducato-based motorhomeready and choose the destinations that you’d most like to visit.

Have a great trip!