19 DEC 2022



Delightful natural spas are waiting to be discovered on the road! Make a pit stop and let yourself be enthralled by the most spectacular European destinations that you can reach together with Ducato.

The first cold spells of the year have arrived and there’s only one solution: pamper yourself! We at Ducato have decided to treat you to a selection of the best European destinations to indulge yourself in this winter.

So, take a deep breath, leave your worries behind and get ready to set off. Next stop: relaxation!

Budapest: spa capital of the world


The city of Budapest has always been considered a crossroads of cultures, a harmonious hotchpotch where East meets West. Visiting Hungary’s capital on board your Ducato-based motorhome allows you to traverse the city not only physically, but also metaphorically, bringing you into contact with all the special places and peculiar aspects that make it truly unique. When it comes to spas, the splendid city of Budapest has it all. With over 100 thermal springs in the city, Budapest is rightfully known as the world's spa capital. Entering one of the many thermal bath complexes is like stepping into another Budapest, a world away from the busy metropolis that most tourists see on arriving.

Visiting all the city's spas would be a titanic challenge, but we suggest you treat yourself to a day out at Széchenyi Baths, Budapest’s most impressive and oldest spa complex, which was built between 1909 and 1913, and Gellért Baths, which is one of the most elegant bath houses in the city thanks to its Art Nouveau architecture and splendid mosaics.

Iceland: a tonic for the body and mind


No one appreciates the benefits of a nice, relaxing thermal bath more than Icelanders. Besides being a very convenient destination for motorhome travellers, being full of places where you can stop and pamper yourself with all kinds of comforts, Iceland is a country where spas are a traditional feature of everyday life. This is also thanks to the country’s topography, with its numerous volcanoes and geysers that have created, and continue to create, thermal springs that the island’s population exploit to the fullest. Make sure to visit two thermal baths in particular: Blue Lagoon and Sky Lagoon. The first is famous for its blue waters—with a temperature between 37 and 39°C—and much-revered healing properties that are a perfect tonic for skin problems, while the second is simply breath-taking, a geothermal lagoon surrounded by the ocean and affording sublime views of the Northern Lights. 

Italy: fairy-tale springs


If you find yourself travelling to Italy in your Ducato-based motorhome, or you simply want to enjoy a weekend away from it all, you only have to head to Tuscany, immersing yourself in the boundless rolling countryside along the way, and visit the fairy-tale thermal baths of Saturnia. The strong smell of sulfur and the characteristic waterfalls create a truly magical atmosphere that will linger long in your memory. Magic isn’t all these spas have to offer, however: the mineral-rich waters that flow from the depths of Mount Amiata at a temperature of 37.5°C offer great health benefits and are often recommended to alleviate various skin conditions.

Did you know? According to legend, the Roman god Saturn once flew into a rage and cast a bolt of lightning at the Earth, blowing out a volcanic crater that gave rise to the hot and sulfureous waters for which this place is now famous.

Austria: futuristic relaxation

If you want to enjoy Christmas to the max while taking a reinvigorating and relaxing trip in your Ducato-based motorhome, we suggest you visit Austria. Here you will find lots of well-signposted rest stops and numerous campsites close to historic town centres, making it extremely convenient to explore during the winter months. If you love architecture and especially futuristic buildings, then between browsing the various Christmas markets, don't miss out on a trip to the Aqua Dome spa complex located in Tyrol. So outlandish is the setting, you could be forgiven for thinking you are on a spaceship as you relax in waters warmed by a thermal spring that was discovered in the 16th century.


In this haven of relaxation nestled in the Austrian Alps, you can enjoy 12 indoor and outdoor heated pools spread over a facility of 22,000 m² and with a water temperature ranging between 34 and 36°C.

If you are seeking a romantic spot for a special evening, this is the place for you! Because here you can even enjoy fabulous moonlight bathing sessions.

Don't you feel more relaxed already?

You do? Great, now all that remains is to load up your Ducato-based motorhome and set off to discover the most stunning spas that Europe has to offer!