14 JUN 2019



Before departing, go through your checklist: here are all the key accessories to take on a perfect trip!

All prepared for another journey in your Fiat Ducato Campervan? But before fastening your safety straps and setting off, let’s check that you have everything you need.

The accessories which no motorhome owner can do without!
Toolbox: you don’t have to be a DIY-freak to be able to carry out small maintenance jobs on board! Make sure you always have screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches (for example, in case you need to replace the battery), while reserve light bulbs and spare fuses can be vital to deal with unforeseen problems on your travels. Be prepared: you can fix it, and off you go again.
Plug adapters, electrical wire and accessories: indispensable for making sure you’re not left in the dark in a camping site (all the worse if you’re in another country!). It’s true that the majesty of a star-lit night can rarely be enjoyed in the city, but it’s better if you decide to star-gaze, not a bothersome blackout! So start your Ducato-based holiday knowing that you can deal with unwelcome ‘electric shocks’!
Travel documents: if you are an expert camper, you’re probably used to checking that you always have vehicle insurance and documents with you. But also make sure that everyone on-board your Fiat Ducato-based motorhome has an ID document (check they’re not expired!). And don’t forget your credit card, and anything else you use to make payments. You should also make room for the list of parking areas, maps and guides of your destination, and the route you will be travelling to get there. A tip: if you’re going abroad but don't speak the local language, get a small dictionary to use for basic communication needs at least, or else download a translation app for your smartphone.
Kitchen utensils, nightwear and a well-stocked pantry: true, if you forget something, you can always stop and buy it during the trip... but why not dedicate your detours only to exploring the views and pleasures of your holiday? Check useful miscellaneous items, like bottle openers, tin openers and corkscrews... but also pillowcases, sheets and blankets, for example.
Bathroom accessories: towels and hygiene necessities, of course, but a hairdryer and clothesline will also prove invaluable during your adventures. Have you already packed them?
Suitable clothing: if you are planning sporting activities on holiday, you should make room on your Ducato Motorhome for the shoes, equipment and accessories needed to practice your activity in complete safety. Don't forget a pair of robust hiking shoes: invaluable protection for your feet in every adventure!
First aid kit: outdoors in the summer can easily lead to close encounters with mosquitoes and insects. Especially if there are children on your Ducato campervan, remember to bring antihistamines and disinfectants to use in such cases. Antipyretics, painkillers, instant ice and plasters can all turn out to be excellent remedies for minor problems. A handy little kit for everyday incidents.
Kit for 4-legged friends: are you travelling with your dog or your cat? Don't forget to think about them too. Among other things, we recommend that you always carry a pair of tweezers with you, to remove any... foreign bodies.
According to tastes: needle and thread for quick repair jobs, sunglasses, sun creams, battery chargers, paper and pen, games to play at the end of a full and beautiful day... everyone has their own essential items. Make sure you bring yours aboard your Ducato-based Campervan!
And finally, among the things not to be forgotten, the desire – once the checklist is checked – to forget everything except the views from the window of your Ducato motorhome.

Now we’re really ready, let the journey begin!​