26 JUN 2019



All aboard your Fiat Ducato motorhome! Let's set off to discover one of the most fascinating islands in the Mediterranean, and its dizzying wealth of contrasts.
Summer is just around the corner and your Fiat Ducato-based campervan is ready to set off towards new discoveries: how about a journey to explore the crystal-clear sea and the mountains of Corsica? Now there’s a journey that will truly please everyone!


Four hours by ferry, leaving from Livorno (Italy), will take you to Bastia, a beautiful city well worth a visit, with picturesque streets and a historic centre that might remind you of Genoa. In addition to its magic, and the beauty of its sunsets seen from the old port, Bastia is famous for being the gateway to Cap Corse. This peninsula, 40 km long and 10 km wide, seems suspended in time. Driving around it, you’ll have plenty of chances to admire the wild Mediterranean scrub (and its pungent scent), and the beauty of the landscape.
Keep your eyes open: scattered here and there are 60 towers built under Genoese rule to defend against Saracen attacks.
Follow the D80 from Centuri to Canari: a fantastic parade of cliffs, villages and hidden coves.


To reach Calvi, the next stop on our Fiat Ducato Campervan adventure, we take the D81. This is a road full of curves and breathtaking views which takes us through the Le Rousse area and its beaches. Once you arrive in Calvi, you’ll see how the city dominates the whole bay. From the top of its citadel, built in 1600, the view is truly breathtaking. If you want to relish the lively atmosphere of the place, go down towards the port, in the lower city.
Would you prefer to explore the city’s surroundings? For an easy excursion for the whole family, head for the Bonifatu forest, taking the D251 road to the Bonifatu car park. Then, descend towards "Ficajola" and cross the walkway. You will have a 2-hour loop trail before you: a great way to be together, in contact with nature and... refreshing!


To continue enjoying the coastal panorama, we take the D81, on which our Ducato motorhome will take us to Ajaccio, home of Napoleon Bonaparte, in roughly 3 hours 20 minutes. Along the way you can stop off at beautiful beaches, have a rest and explore various smaller but no less fascinating towns. Once you reach Ajaccio, take the time to appreciate its history and its many points of interest. In the central square, you can admire a huge bronze statue of Napoleon, commissioned by himself. To visit his birthplace, go to Rue Saint-Charles, in the most picturesque district of the city, among ancient buildings and narrow streets. To discover typical local products, don’t miss the market that takes place every day behind the Hotel de Ville.
From there you can walk to the Musée Fesch in Rue Cardinal-Fesch. Here you can see, among other works, paintings by Tiziano, Botticelli and Bellini. From the museum you will also have the opportunity to access the Chapelle Impériale, where members of the Bonaparte family are buried. And then there’s the Citadel, the Church of Sant’Erasmo... the historic centre is full of treasures! And now, if you’ve had your fill of history, you can take a look at the most modern part of the city to continue your tour.
The beaches too are worth a visit: some are ideal if you are sporting types and yearn to go surfing.


Ready to set off again in your Fiat Ducato-based campervan?
Last stop: Bonifacio! Just take the T40 for 130 km: in little over 2h you’ll reach this fine medieval city, also famous for its cliffs... spectacular sheer white cliffs that plunge down to the sea.
Not to be missed: the Bocche di Bonifacio Nature Reserve! From there you can clearly see Sardinia, not far away at all.
Bonifacio is actually the most southerly town in Corsica and, although it has only just over 3,000 inhabitants, it attracts numerous visitors and enthusiastic tourists.
A curiosity: here the local dialect is a variation of the Ligurian one.
This is explained by its history of Genoese occupation, and the will of locals to keep their traditions and heritage alive.
A swim in a place that combines nature and history seems like a fitting way to end our journey... and to start thinking about our next Fiat Ducato trip!

There are no particular differences between Italy and Corsica as far as driving is concerned. What you must certainly keep an eye on – especially if you decide to take inland roads – is your fuel level: you may well be unable to refuel for many kilometres!
Keep in mind that 90% of the island's roads are secondary: there, the speed limit to be respected is 80 km/h.

Stops and Campsites
Here are some areas where you can stop during your journey with Fiat Ducato to explore Corsica:
- Camping San Damiano (1075, Route de la Marana, 20620 Biguglia) with direct access to the beach. 320 parking places available. Contacts: info@campingsandamiano.com + 33(0)4 95 33 68 02
- La Pinède Camping (Route de la Pinède - Calvi) Shaded camping site with clearly defined parking spaces (surface area 100m²), all equipped with 10A electrical connections. Contacts:
info@camping-calvi.com +33 4 95 65 17 80
- Camping les Mimosas (Chemin de la Carosaccia, 20090 Ajaccio) 70 places available, for campervans up to 10 metres. One limitation: no dogs allowed. Contacts: campingmimosas@wanadoo.fr +33495209985
- Camping La Rondinara (Route de la Plage - 20169 - Bonifacio) Open from 15 May to 30 September. You can also find a parking space without prior booking: a big advantage if you prefer to decide your movements as you go along! Contacts: reception@rondinara.fr +33(0)4 95 70 43 15